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    Took on Tradorax as a new broker !!!

    Well I took on another broker Tradorax. I now have 2 brokers one is Bloombex options and now Tradorax.
    To be honest I'm doing pretty well with Bloombex but if I keep winning I'm not sure if they will keep letting me withdraw my money which is really a thought that a trader should not have to be concerned about but too many scam brokers so you have to be.

    the reason I went with Traderax more than anything else is to try out their platform. It's much different than Spotoption and the main feature for me is having a true click through processing with no delays. I trade almost entirely with 60 second trades so I'm hoping this can help me to be more successful. I am a bit nervous about something. I opened a small account only $500 deposit however I was able to negotiate 1 $500 risk free trade with a play value(turnover of 10 times. Ok I'm nervous because the broker would not split up the $500 to 5 $100 trades or even 2 $250 trades just one and of course it's the very first trade. So here I am brand new and very unfamiliar platform to hit a bullseye on my very first shot. Any suggestions on how to handle this trade is most welcome.

    One thing as I need to be honest that did brother me a bit with Tradorax was after I made the deposit I get a email explaining the risk free trade and the turnover which my account manager had 30 times! Not 10 times which I knew it was. so I had to go head to head with his boss a senior trader and telling him that is not at all cool it's not the way it went fown and if I don't get the 10% I will call my credit card company and get a chargeback. Well his boss said it had to be a miscommunication and gave me the 10%. Well folks we all know the truth which is my account manager knew it was 10times but stilled tried to get the 30 times maybe thinking I would just go along with it. I'm in no way saying Tradorax is a scam broker. I feel they are a god broker but even good brokers will try to get something from nothing so we always need to watch.

    so wish me luck on my first trade which regardless of the outcome I will post it here. I think what I will do is do some trading with Spotoption and when and if things are going well then switch to Tradorax and do the first one.

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    It will be good if you first look at the tradorax platform and check it before moving with trades. Actually I am not a fan of risk free trades. You have only one and than you are obligated to trade 10 times your initial deposit. If you accept that condition than ok, but even it looks small 10 times is still a reasonable amount of trades with limited risk. If you risk 5% per trade than this amount is 20 trades.

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    Hi oh I understand but 10 times is nothing for me. I been trading less than a month now with another broker and I am probably around a 20 times so 10 is fine. But that's only if you loose which I don't intend to do. what I will never accept are these crazy bonus that is 30 times. Folks that don't know think wow I can double my account even before I begin trading and then find out they can't take their money out so they just end up blowing up their account.

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