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    Anyone using CoT reports in their trading? !!!

    Ok.... Just recently started looking into this, and wondering if any of you have or are using CoT reports which get released weekly as part of your fundamental analysis ..

    I was checking it out on

    Which the page I was looking at was

    And it shows the action of trades similar to Traders Sentiment but for major players like
    1. Banks & Institutions
    2.Asset managers/ Hedge Funds ect.
    3. Private Investors

    Looking at the Dealer / Intermediary - which are the banks and institutions, you can see the number of LONG and SHORT positions..

    And by checking just the past week , which this report is released every week .. The "Major Players" speculations seemed to be pretty correct..

    So, I was just wondering if any of you guys have followed these reports and have implemented them into your strategies...

    I'm thinking if your planning on "Copy Trading" than it might be wise to copy these guys ... And if you were placing FX or B.O trades I would think weekly trades would be recommended as the reports are based weekly...

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    Yes, these data points are very important especially for long term macro traders but they can be helpful to us too. There are other sources on the net where you can check in a nice graphical form the COT charts like here
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    Thanks for that Kolyo... Surprised I overlooked that on MyFXbook...

    I'm assuming the chart changes on Friday ? Or does the chart only reflect the "real time" data of the COT reports?

    The chart will def help with back testing a strategy I'm thinking about .. Thanks...

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