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Thread: Obtaining MT4

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    Obtaining MT4 !!!

    Hello all.

    Been spending the last few days in the BOTS College. Talk about information overload!! My brain hurts! Still so much to learn, and no time: I have to make this work. I made the choice.

    Anyway. Can someone recommend a good Forex platform from which to get the MT4 software? One that will not phone or mail everyday to try to get me to open a live account, or after a month inform me that the party is over, and if I want to continue to use the software I need to open an account/pay monthly subscriptions etc blah....

    One I came across in Google search is AvaTrade.



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    Welcome to CommuniTraders Eddy!

    You can check here and read the reviews on the trusted brokers and select. It is very important to make a good review of your broker choice before deciding. Don't trust only on google search. If you have any questions post here, community is open and very friendly
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    Thanks Kolyo, but I see there BINARY OPTIONS Brokers. In the school it was mentioned to open a Demo account with a FOREX BROKER in order to be able download the MT4 software. That is what I am after..

    Unless my glasses are very dirty. and I am not reading the page correctly?? He he he.

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    Hi Eddy
    Welcome to CT.
    Forget the forex brokers, I downloaded my MT4 direct from Metaquotes web site. During setup when asked for your brokers details just select the demo option and a brokers name comes up ADS or somthing I think, anyway just select it to setup the demo acc.

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    Mark is correct. also, incase you're having issues with MT4 or any other related question, I recommend you use the following thread:
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    Hi Eddy, here's the link where I downloaded the MT4 platform:
    It's totally free and there's no brokers, so no one will bother you!!


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    Thanks for the help Gents!

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    Halifax is great

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    well if you are into tech analysis, especially on a lower timeframe the broker would make a huge difference. Some brokers have "dirty" price on the chart making it impossible to analyse, while some have very clean charts without gaps and crazy price movements
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