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    BloombexChallenge Scam? - botsog complaint !!!

    recently i received an email with a $50 no deposit bonus to trade binary options. it was around 1st week of june when i received the email from bloombex-options. the name of the broker is bloombexchallenge and is a sister company of bloombex-options both under bloombex ltd. my experience trading with bloombexchallenge is very good and the platform is very nice. it's like trading regular forex where you will set your target pips (touch options). starting from a free $50 and additional $50 from them, the volume turnover requirement is 16 times the amount they had given me which is $50 + $50 = $100 x 16 = $1600. Now my account stands at $2978.75 and a turnover of $11,608.75 after a few days of trading. when i requested for a withdrawal, they forgot about me. nobody from them even bothered to reply to my email. i will attach images later and help inform others to avoid this broker. it's good that i didn't deposit any money.

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    It is a great luck making almost 3k from just 100$ bonus money but the practice to not answer your requests is not good..
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Bloombex is a scam. The fact that they even tried to sell themselves off as some bloomberg child company should be a warning light for all.
    Their whole challenge is done in the hopes that you will actually lose so that now you have 3k .No way on earth will they give that money

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    hi kolyo, i'm always challenged trading via no deposit bonus and most of the time i reached the volume turnover requirements. i have done it in optionsxo (contest sponsored by binaryoptions dot net) with $30 and reached $4000 and with belloptions (non-existent now) with $30 and reached $3000. i thought i can do it it again with bloombexchallenge but i think i failed this time... hope somebody from bloombexchallenge or bloombex-options can join this discussion ang clarify this issue.

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    botsog the great i guess this broker should be reported to forexcpeacearmy and there scam business will be close

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