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    Interesting and beneficial discussion, interesting trading platform and broker. Seems like you guys are pretty fresh, let's give it awhile before we go ahead and review
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    Ayrex Innovative Platform !!!

    Ayrex presents its top-notch Unique platform with super fast deal processing time and one-click trading!

    Just choose the asset, expiration time and start trading!

    Change your chart layout!

    And more beneficial features

    Open account now
    and claim your 30% Deposit Bonus!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails platform-screen-1.jpg   platform-screen-2.jpg   platform-screen-3.jpg  
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeasaltMcFish View Post
    For this moment, I'm happy with your explanation of your BO site.

    I must say, I'm always cautious about new brokers and like to see some proof first, but its good you show up here and communicate with us.

    Maybe I give it a test soon. For now, I'm too busy but I think being present here at our forums (and risking our critics) is good.

    Let's hope it's worth it, since we are in desperate need of good new brokers in this world!
    I concur with Seasalt, I like this discussion and am getting a good vibe from Ayrex.Official. Site looks good so far, I will look at more next week, I'm out of town for a few days now. but year, I like what I hear so far,

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    Yeah, would like to test too, but I have a very busy month in July and probably will have no time until August. Then I'll give it a good look.

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    I'd like trading platform.Nice charts.It is needed to see how much is reliable broker.Is it regulated? What's your experience?

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    Thank you for sharing this screenshots. It really seems we can give it a try. Nice looking platform and finally candlestick charts on binary broker platform, something I haven’t seen for a long time. Actually why almost no binary platform offer technical indicators and chart with option to change bar length? We are in 21 century friends and we still don’t have nice fully powered binary trading platform with everything necessary for a real day trading. We need to make our analysis somewhere else but this cost time and it will be much better if we have nice and easy to use binary platform with everything included. If such platform appear and if it is backed by trusted broker we will be all in
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    Hi Milos,

    We are looking to obtain CySec licence by the end of the year and right now Ayrex operates in full compliance with international regulations. Clients' money are stored on a segregated account and all financial transactions are protected by SSL.
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    Took Ze plunge !!!


    Just had to check it out. Account opening easy and fast. Support so far brilliant. Platform Crisp, Clean and easy to use. Payouts on short expires could be higher, I would call it average. Only deposited 5 dolla, now up to 22.50.

    I have yet to see faster entry when you hit the put/call button....absolutely stupendous.

    Will monitor and report back on withdrawal....thinking of adding to the account.

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    Hi Kolyo,

    Thank you for your response. We highly appreciate your opinion. We really have done a lot of work to make a product of great quality for traders. Our platform is fully developed by our engineeres and derived from our team's substantial expirience in financial markets. As for indicators - we are constantly working to make our platform better for our traders and consider all the feedback. So far we do offer a feature that allows to change bar length and several other layout changing options. We have no doubt that you will not be dissapointed with our platform's perfomance and features.
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    Hi Boart,

    Thank you for your generous feedback. We will continue to make our platform even better to provide our clients with the most convinient trading experience.

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