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    testing 2 minute stochastic !!!

    2 minute stochastic signals

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    adding a little more expiry !!!

    the last signal was good, my expiry was bad, not playing a swing off the moving average,

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    2 minute signals, 5 minute expiry !!!

    adding a few minutes to my expiry helped with the last trade. Trying again with 5 minutes on a 2 minute stochastic signal

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    Swing Trade, !!!

    Trend is down for today, near term, but this is a swing signal from oversold conditions based on candle action... bullish engulfing pattern

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    That last one just squeaked into the money right there at the end. 75% win rate in the last 4 trades, using 2 minutes signals and trading 5 minute expiry.

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    bullish signal !!!

    bullish signal from bottom of range, price action moving up of daily low/support as well. STrong white candle... 5 minute expiry with the 30 bar ema as target near 2073.65

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    nice, 4 in a row. All using what I learned by following the Geek and his stochastic trend following strategies. Woot woot! Thanks Geek!

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    This was some good trading. Can you tell us more about which parts of my stochastic strategies you are using?

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