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    Warning stay away from this Scam !!!

    I wanted to warn everyone about the scam that was pulled on me being a newbie trader.
    I signed up with Binarydas and it has been nothing but a nightmare from the start.

    From high pressure sales tactics, not mentioning bonus terms and conditions, unauthorized trades. ignoring email,phone and there live support has been offline for almost a month.

    My account has been locked out and I've lost most of my investment, what I have remaining I can't withdraw.

    So stay away and let everyone know. Does anyone have any ideas. I live in the US and they are not regulated.

    I still want to try to continuing trading but after what I've been through, not sure.

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    You can make a complaint to the CFTC/SEC but there's not much they can do if it's a totally illicit scam/broker except issue a warning. Also, talk to your bank/credit card issuer and see what they can do about your deposit, it's probably too late but some times they can reverse charges.

    did they make you sign up with a broker and deposit? which one is it?

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    what I just found is no Bueno.... company under investigation for fraud.

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    Avoid in all cases small and widely unknown companies like that, unless you like to be scammed..!?
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    I was never assigned a broker.

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    Hello Toneman56 sorry to hear problem you had. It is needed to avoid scam brokers.There a dozen scam trading companies aren't regulated. They're represented as brokers but they aren't brokers. They're just trading companies like agency or something like that.Be careful in the future.

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    there are many scam brokers in the market. Make a search before being scammed. Be more cautious in the future.

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    I'm very surprised to hear that BinaryDAS is being investigated for fraud. I've been trading with them for several months now and found them to be one of the few legit brokers out there after comparing the trade experience with other brokers. Did you sign up with them through one of those scams like the Auto Money App or Guaranteed Outcome?

    Try signing up with NADEX, they offer binary options and are located in Chicago. My only issue with them is they have an annoying 90-cents trading fee, which gets capped at $9 but still annoying nonetheless, and the fact that they do not offer 60-second options.

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    with NADEX it doesn't matter wht the expiry is bcause you can sell anytime you want, they only thing is whether or not their is someone to sell to when you want to sell.

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