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    Hi mates, from South France (marseye) !!!

    Hi mates,

    First : I hope you'll always have enough empathy to excuse my gibberish, since expressing myself in English is always a challenge for me (I'm french). On the other hand, I can read quite well, unless some very technic words sometimes (but GIMF ["Google Is My Friend" - He said it once, and it mainly showed so (though I keep some secrets for me)].

    About me, from the binary options perspective : I'm new to this, and have a "moderate" wallet managed with the help of my broker's own analysts. We're actually aiming at some due recoveries, but had good successes too. Beacause my broker is not regulated, I couldn't find it on Comunitraders' lists. But my broker's analysts have found the words to get me good confidence in their skills (and some incredible results too). And their site is nowhere to belong in any blacklist (I checked).
    It all started with their call after my subscription "just to try", as of the last week of April 2015 (very fresh)[in fact, I had first subscribed from a scam about a bot software, which had a brokers list, but I was lucky enough that all the brokers there were all real good ones). Up to now, I'm glad that I listened to my first analyst (what a killer recruiter !). Time will tell (essentially when I'll have my first returns ; but they'll come eventually, I'm now sure).

    But as this account has had ups and downs, plus a recent capital hedging move (a month long trade, with sort of a stock flavor), I don't dare anymore to exercice from the remaining free capital (for now), aiming at raising it to good shape with their help (and their mostly top signals).

    Anyway, longing to learn how to trade by myself, I have another tiny account for my training purpose at Topoption, where I have refused any bonus so far. I mainly trade on currencies with the strategies for starters that could be found here and there... Breakeven is now my top priority (now that I lost quite a bunch first), and up to now I could stick to this rule (during the last three days). But growing it up should happen eventually, if I can be serious and with the help of some good advices.

    So, I'm now very happy that I found this forum, which inspires me great hopes for my learning process : ah ! The pleasure to be a part of a dedicated (and presumably excellent) community ! Believe me, it already feels unique ! And big thanks to the admins who were quick to validate my registration. Hope I'll get to know you all fast now.

    Now, my best regards to everyone, from South France (Mediterranean shores, where the "sun is shining for 400 days a year !" - My nick should say it all)
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    Hi marseye, welcome here.

    I hope you enjoy the site and don't forget to go through the school section. It will teach you a lot!

    Wishing you great trades!

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    Hey! Welcome onboard.

    Hmm... letting brokers trade for you and give you signals? Rookie mistake number 1.
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    Hello Marseye and welcome to the bots trading community on the forum.

    Here is link below top rated brokers

    I used stockpair and 24 options. They are fine to me.Currently stockpair.

    Once again wish you all the best.



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    Hey Pals,

    @SeasaltMcFish : quite a nick there I'll study the school section, thanks. Already got an eye inside : wow, it's huuuuuge ! Great !

    @Milos : Thanks for your advice. But I'm sure I have enough brokers for now. Btw, 24Options wouldn't fit me : 24€ minimum trade... Topoption starts @5€, but it's riskier... I sometime use it to try to maximize a trade in fast and short developpement. Sort of mini scalping, I guess. But But most of the time, I trade with 10€.

    @Okane : Yes...and : not necessarily. Mine seem reallt quite good professionals. They are the ones who showed me that BO is an Art, instead of a game (I really didn't have a clue before). Their signals are killer bold ones, really ! But they work really fine ! I'mm with them to grow an income. My account manager is living from the money he wins with his clients. It's in his best interest to keep them safe, alive and happy.
    But time will tell, and I'll update my status with them here sometimes (anyway, I currently go back now. So, basically : it's already a 1/0 kind of story in the end )

    Anyway, thanks, guys, for you showed yourself fast at my bedside. I tend to feel more and more comfortable with the community's helps. Thank you, really.

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    Welcome marseye,

    Hope you are doing well and will enjoy our community. You will find here lot of help if you are asking and you already know trading is more like art than exact science. You can learn it but you need lot of practice and it is really safe to trade minimum position size or demo till you feel its going well
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    can't write you a private message. But please, keeping the second message would be fine to me. Thanks. (it had first seemed to me that Kolyo was a concerned moderator ???!!!)

    Ooops... Sorry, guys : I had written an answer with my thanks, but it's been sent to be moderated ? No offense in it,thoug, maybe the week-end effect... Nevertheless, I had to throw it 3 times in sequence to realize that. And rewriting it each time... Grrrr. Let's see if it will appear eventually.
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    Hi marseye

    I am not that busy so if you need any help let me know. I hope the problem with your last post was temporary and won’t happen more! Have an easy night and see you soon next week!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    welcome aboard!

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    HI welcome on board. Its advisable to learn to trade yourself. Never let your broker manage your account.

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