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    New! - Email notifications for Stoch and RSI! !!!

    Hi Guys,

    I'll try not to make this sound like advertising (It isn't because I may offer it for free) I am just looking for feedback and thoughts from the experienced user base here. For the past year I've been building a rather elaborate Excel/VBA spreadsheet. It runs live data spit out from MetaTrader 4 in .csv format and analyzes 5 min, 15 min and hour data in real time.

    So essentially I recreated MetaTrader 4 in excel and it currently runs 7 forex assets to start.

    Each asset has a live Stochastic running settings 5,3,3 (80 High, 20 Low) and an RSI running on setting 4 (75 High, 25 Low). Because of the flexibility of excel I have been able to build a full analysis tool which now emails my phone telling me when each asset is overbought or oversold and the affiliated Stoch and RSI readings. Which takes the day to day labor out of it.

    Although not really relevant my Strategy is quite simple (Aside from the aforementioned indicators). I do trades until the end of the day and usually trade between 4am and 12 MetaTrader time whatever that is. I've learned through thorough testing and research that when the USA is open it is too unpredictable and you will get the desired movement during this time frame depending on the oversold or overbought status.

    I obviously can't upload the system but I threw up a few screenshots of how my Metatrader is set and of the Spreadsheet.

    The colored boxes are the certain market hours for each.

    Overview page of the Relative Strength Index of each.

    One of the 20+ pages of formulas doing the math for the indicators. This is EURUSD for the 5 minute time interval. There are a few moving average columns in there as well.

    So as you can imagine this was.... a lot of work. It has been working wonderfully for me and just from building it and scouring forums/message boards I know there really isn't much out there like this. Sort of like a robot that counts cards and tells you when to trade without doing any work. And with the phone applications for many of the trade sites you don't even need a computer now to trade. So I get an email at 4am, triggers an alarm on my phone, wake up, take a look to see if it is an accurate opportunity. Pop the trade in on my Stockpair app and go back to sleep.

    So now the question is what do I do? I can add peoples emails in the book easily to get notifications too. But is this even an asset for people? Could I sell subscriptions? I have no idea. I hadn't given it any thought as I built it just for me but a friend of mine said it could be worth quite a bit.


    *EDIT* I should add that the email notifications only go out once each time an indicator crosses a threshold. Right now the one hour RSI triggers everything. So once it goes back across said threshold the program resets so it will send another email if it passes back over. It checks every minute right now.
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    That's a very interesting work you created.

    Would love to know how to read live data into a spreadsheet and the other formula's too. I work with Excel a lot but my knowledge about these things is not that big.
    I'm not into following systems from others, but your calculations are very interesting for me! Would love to build a version for my own trading system.

    Maybe you can write a thread with interesting Excel calculations that other traders can use in their own sheets?
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    Thanks for sharing with us! Really very interesting work. It will be very helpful to share more of your approach and spreadsheet calculations.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Nice work Weered. Can you upload markets profiles colors on the forum? I mean the following:
    1.Asia Green
    2.Europe Red
    3.USA Blue

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    Message me before you get any crazy ideas and decide to give this away for free or to get people to deposit with a broker ... You have potential with this to be a cool useful product for traders. I may have some ideas . I'd like to chat with you...
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    I'm not asking him to give it for free, but to show how he creates these formula's. I would like to be able to use his programming knowledge, not his system.

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    Oh no .. Don't take my comment as me trying to turn him in a different direction from ya'lls comments.. Just kinda answering his post,

    ****His Post So now the question is what do I do? I can add peoples emails in the book easily to get notifications too. But is this even an asset for people? Could I sell subscriptions? I have no idea. I hadn't given it any thought as I built it just for me but a friend of mine said it could be worth quite a bit.

    Thoughts? *****************************

    and thinking I might be able to help him turn it into a "product".. Seeing how we just started Pre-launch with Trader Agency ... Got nothing but love for you seasalt! , and the rest of my BOTS forum brothers. I found it very interesting and think we could use our platform at Trader Agency to launch it as a paid product.. If the system works and generates accurate signals there is alot of potential with this and would be a good fit for our "product line" at Trader Agency...

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    I didn't even know you could "feed" live data from MT4 or anything for that matter into "excel" ... Pretty neat... I have a friend who has developed a "desktop notification" software, and I think my programmer could easily create the same thing, added with SMS and Email notifications and you got a pretty good signal provider..

    A couple questions for you Weered
    1. What kind of results are you seeing with your current strategy?
    2 Are you able to add other indicators, or variables to create additional strategies?
    3. Can we add more assets to the list?
    4. Can current system be adjusted for various time frames?
    5. Would it work with Open Office version of Excel << being 100% FREE
    6. Could we use this for Forex trading as well , can it be adjusted to send signals when to "exit" a trade with forex?

    Looking forward to hearing from you...

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    Don't worry Grindtime

    It was just to make clear I'm interested in the programming part, not in following a system or getting one for free. I only trade my own system, but think it could make my life much easier when learning more about programming in Excel

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    Wow. Great feedback. I'll reply in a big post today. Just at the office!

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