Seeing as I'm fairly new to trading (just started fake trading yesterday), i don't know how helpful this will be but here it goes. My basic strategy really focuses on the 5min indicator from, the trend, and what I call the "lingering number". So first I take a good look at the market and what its doing. If I see that there is an obvious trend that agrees with the 5min indicator, then I search for the lingering number or the price that the market seems to linger on without a lot of deviation. I placed the trade because the market was lingering on the price 1.0897. So what I did was wait until the market went below as much as possible I ended placing the trade while the price was 1.0896 but always aim to go lower if possible. This was whats mainly going through my mind when trading, and i feel fairly confident that even if it isn't in the money it will at least be at the money. Overall, be smart and trust your instincts.