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    Rookie Member upac's Avatar !!!

    Hello Traders
    Anyone have heard about
    If yes please share your opinion here.
    Happy trading

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    Rookie Member Carlos140369's Avatar
    Hi Upac,

    I have read a review about signals365 at by Chris Morton. He has given this signal service a good review and I have found no reason not to believe his reviews. He also runs a facebook website that I am subscribed to giving free signals. As with all signal services, signals365 is not the holy grail but they only claim a 70% win rate which Chris Morton states is what they achieve.

    Hope this helps

    Happy trading


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    Rookie Member upac's Avatar
    Thx Carlos for your prompt respond. 99$ is not an amount which can change my live I am going to use these signals only when confirmed with my strategy. So I will keep you all updated.

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    Rookie Member Carlos140369's Avatar
    You're welcome.

    I see you're from London, I am from Halifax in West Yorkshire.

    Have you been trading BO for long?

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    Rookie Member upac's Avatar
    not for long from beginning of the year but I started my adventure with trading (FX) about 8 years ago when I started to learn technical and fundamental study of the market.

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    Rookie Member Carlos140369's Avatar
    How is the BO going for you?

    I started last september, lost a fair bit over the first 6 months but am now starting to make a small profit each month. Will be a while before I get back my initial investment but I am in it for the long haul

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    Rookie Member MoonWolf's Avatar

    Did anyone test this? Is it a ok signal system to use?

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    Rookie Member sudanfx's Avatar
    If you want to use any auto- trading system you MUST use it if it confirmed your OWN trading system.


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    Rookie Member MoonWolf's Avatar
    I understand your point totaly.

    I am just about to start trading and is going to use the balanced system at start together trying to understand the development with multiple timeframes.
    It would be nice to have a signal system at start to boost my confidence so to say. However if a more seasoned trader has found out that this system is totaly rubbish it would be nice to know so i dont end up with a broken account the first thing i do


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    Administrator Martin Kay's Avatar
    They claim they're featured on some financial websites. I've searched this signal provider all over Yahoo! , financemagnates, moneyshow and the others, but there's no mention of them...
    “Don't believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.” ― Douglas Adams

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