Yesterday I had two sessions of 25 trades to test this indicator, which resulted in:

- first session 69% ITM  (17 winnings, 7 OTM, 1 ATM)

- second session 77% ITM (19 winnings, 6 OTM)

At first I was suprised with the results of this indicator, which I, at first, overlooked -- thinking it wouldn't give me any advantage other than any common (widely available) indicator / tool / feed / website or whatever source it is out here on the internet that may help in trading the markets.

That is because it doesn't do something 'new' / 'else' other than giving you a quick overview with signals for buying (CALLs) or selling (PUTs) on 5M, 15M, 30M, 1HR, 4HR and 1D timeframes, based on STOCH, RSI, EntryCCI and TrendCCI.

Its displayed in MT5 as a table under the main chart in it's own window and gives a quick overview of the market and where it's going according to the mentioned indicators in the mentioned timeframes.

Not rarely it worked out as a leading indicator, giving me the opportunity to jump into a trade on the start (or just before) a breakout / trend reverse

At the Bottom Line, it therefore really helped me out in definitive, quick, decission making; and it gave honor to it's name 'Trade Assistant', acting as a really helpfull one.