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    Correction trend after bad economic data

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    Foreign investment in Canada rose in April at 22.47 billion dollars from 9.35 billion in March.Economists predicted a fall to 7.23 billion dollars.Manufacturing Sale rose 2.9% after falling 2.2%. It was predicted growth of 1.2%.

    Consumer sentiment index in the US fell in April to 88.6 points from 95.9 in the previous month.Analysts expected growth to 95.8 points. The rate of capacity utilization in the US fell in April to 78.2% from 78.6% in the previous month, while analysts expected it to remain unchanged.

    Industrial production in the US fell in April by 0.3% after falling 0.3% the previous month.Economists had predicted growth of 0.1%. Empire State Manufacturing Index rose 3.1 points after falling 1.2 points. It was predicted growth of 5.1 points.

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