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    nichijou's Trading Diary !!!

    Hello there.
    I'm beginner of BOs, and create this Thread to keep an overview and that somebody can give me tipps and say me, if I do anything wrong.
    I trade with the CommiTraders and want to use primary the "The Best MACD Entries"-Strategy, cause they sound very good to me.

    But I start with EURCAD which isn't supported by the CommuTraders. I have seen that the ATR goes up, before the price going up on the daily timeframe, so I think the price continue going upwards and place an (imaginary) CALL trade:

    Asset EURCAD, Entry Price 1.3510, Expiring 18 o clock (GMT+2).

    Thank you for reading.
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    My first really test with the MACD + SMA on 5 minutes timeframe.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AUDUSDM5.jpg 
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ID:	3159

    Trend goes upwards, the red MACD signal line cross the blue base line bullish and the oscillator is > 0.
    I thought that this is a good indication to place a CALL trade and I won.

    Asset: AUDUSD; Strategy: CALL; Entry price: 0.8106; Expiry Price: 0.8108; Expiry Time: 5 minutes;

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    Next try, this time on 15-M-Timeline. Trend goes upwards, MACD Oscillator is > 0 and MACD Lines cross. I think its look good.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	NZDUSDM15.jpg 
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ID:	3161

    I lost, the price gone immediate in the other direction:
    Asset: NZDUSD; Strategy: CALL; Entry price: 0.7546; Expiry Price: 0.7533; Expiry Time: 15 minutes;
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    Next try on 15m.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	EURUSDM15.jpg 
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ID:	3162

    Look like the price will go upwards.

    Asset: EURUSD; Strategy: CALL; Entry price: 1.1393; Expiry Price: 1.1407; Expiry Time: 15 minutes;
    I won, but the price was in the first 10 minutes very instable and I think that was may pure luck. May there is a mistake in my process. I think I trade too early, I will try the next trade when the current Bar is complete.
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    I lost many trades in a row, but on 12:10 the signal line cross the base line bearish, the oscillator was positive and the trend goes upwards. Looked all like a raising candle. I think there is something that I don't see yet.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	EURGBPM5.jpg 
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ID:	3163

    Cause I lost all its may better to trade in the other direction. But I think that's strange. xD
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    I think maybe you start with a higher time frame chart and get an idea of where the trend is heading, then use that direction to screen out trades that are counter trends... and maybe some support/resistance lines... one of those losses, #3 post up there, looks like it failed because of resistance...

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    I am a new beginner in this option trading and recently my friend suggest me a good online options trading education site by Dan Passarelli and his mentors of Market Taker Mentoring. That was very helpful for me. I hope it will be help you.
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    @Michael: Thank you very much. Since I included the Pipholic SR indicator in my trades, I won more than I lost. When my MACD/SMA-Indicator give a sigal, I trade in the other direction, if the current price is in the near of one of the SR lines. When the price is beetween the lines I follow the MACD/SMA direction. I do nothing, if the price break one of the SR lines or there is less space beetween the lines. I tested it on 15m-Timeframe, cause I'm generally to slow for 5m.

    marielouise: Thank you, I will take a look on this.

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    Cause I was working, I updated my Indicator with email alert and use a 30m timeframe. This is a flashback (/lookback/review, I'm not sure) of the trades today.


    GBPUSD $1.5672 $1.5678

    USDJPY $119.7500 $119.735

    USDCHF $0.9207 $0.9203


    AUDUSD $0.7997 $0.8004

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    USDCAD $1.2049 $1.2045

    14:30 (I was in a meeting with shared desktop, I traded ~5 Minutes after the signal arrived)

    AUDUSD $0.8001 $0.7998

    NZDUSD $0.7408 $0.740

    USDCHF $0.9192 $0.9190

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