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    EUR/USD 5 min Call !!!

    5 min expiry for a call with oversold indicators on 1 min chart for EUR/USD.  Those indicators being stochastics and RSI per Okane's 15-30 Strategy.

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    I wanted to spend today mostly in school to focus more on learning than trading. I have just switched from MT5 to MT4 and using the CommuniTrader Demo. I did 3 total trades, 2 wins, 1 at the strike price. The same basic strategy based on Okane's 15-30 minute Simple Strategy and running 2-5 minute trades. Using the same basic principles of buying options at overbought/oversold buy-in points and MT5 with 13 EMA, 26 EMA, Stochastics, and MACD I was at 15 in the money, 9 out of the money, and 1 at the strike price for trades yesterday. Right now I am mostly focusing on making an in the money trade and learning as opposed to dollars made.

    Back to studying this website.



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