It is unfortunate to say that there was a lack of bullish sentiment in the markets during yesterday's

trading session. This comes after a trading which really saw a lot of bullishness. This shows just how

quickly the situation in the financial markets can change from day to day. In addition, the investor

confidence data which came out of the Chinese economy hurt Japanese and other stocks in the Far

East. Moreover, there was a lack of decisive economic data published from the news wires on

Monday. It was not that traders were so pessimistic; it was just that there was not so much to trade

on. We saw the DAX make some moderate losses yesterday, as traders took out some of the profit

which they made last week. There is set to be much economic data published from the UK and the

US in the hours ahead. Make sure to follow this closely to make maximum returns.

Source: FMtrader's daily review

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