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    Chrome CommuniTraders plugin | Ideas/Suggestion !!!

    So I was looking at a few Chrome Plugins that I've seen for various trading features. ApexInvest has a bunch for nadex that scan and filter the entries that are within the parameters. Then I've seen some of those Automated Trading or Copy Trading plugins that would activate the same trades on multiple platforms/sites at once. Basically, they've scripted the website functions and components to automate the same trades simultaneously on the sites they "support", and that got me thinking..."This would be awesome for CommuniTraders"

    Let me explain.

    Currently, we trade with our own accounts in whatever fashion or method we choose. We then choose the most recent one and try to emulate that onto CommuniTraders, hopefully sparing any latency and change in market since original trade. The ultimate goal isn't to show the EXACT trade, but to show the logic and reasoning behind our trade for the community to better themselves with.

    But what if there was as low of latency as possible?
    What if the moment you made a live trade on your preapproved platform, CommuniTraders created a duplicate trade for you?
    How awesome would it be if we all got to see all of our community's trades, instead of just the ones that they were able to mimic in the timespan before the market changed between real trade and loading CT and doing a CT-Trade?

    What would be needed?

    Really it comes down to an API to recieve the commands and a plugin to send the commands. CT, and most dynamic websites, work off of simple form POST/GET submissions, which are parsed and evaluated. We send to the correct address ""

    For security, we'd need some sort of handshake to authenticate the submissions (Public/Private key?)

    For the Explanation factor, the trade can be posted automatically and updated later, or set to "Pending", in which they wont be viewable until activated.

    The plugin would then only support the platforms that BOTS says are legit, that way we're only programming for a number of legitmate platforms rather than worry about all the mom and pop weekend wonders.

    So yea, the ultimate goal now is to be a data mine of all of our trades, rather than just oneies and twosies...

    Just a thought.

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    Hi uaktags

    This is really a great idea!

    Actually we have very similar goal and it is to make it possible to replicate trades from CT directly to your broker account, but this is something not so easy to be done and our soft team is working hard to achieve that goal, but maybe we can think on the other possibility too. If you have experience with such API and connections it may be better to talk with Martin and give your proposals, than we will see if it is possible, but it is actually good idea.

    Meantime it will be great if you start your own thread in Members War room if you don’t have already one and post your trades manually there.
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    from what I understand, we're looking at the following addons -
    1. The ability to see ALL trades on CommuniTraders (and updating the desc after) - Interesting!!
    2. Live copy trading - with API - we're working on it (:
    3. Plugin for CT - with all trades, and the ability to copy - mixing 1+2.

    We're working full power on the API. I'm not sure about the plugin yet (would require lots of development, but possible in the future), but it's definitely something I'm looking at. So far uaktags, I like your ideas (L keep'em coming!
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    Well once you create an API, it'll just take a determined developer to start creating wrappers for it in their language of choice. For instance, I'd love to build a JS wrapper around the different API calls, hook it into Greasemonkey (or alternatives) to create a crude and working example of any idea with the browser. But there has got to be a security measure somewhere to authenticate the handshake. Really dangerous playing around with DB based applications and Public/Semi-Private APIs.

    My fear of doing CT => Brokers is latency and chart differences. With CT we can manipulate any data we receive and chart it as needed, but the brokers we send our trades to will only interpret and execute the data as they've defined. So if our CT trade is a Buy at 103.21, but the broker's own data has current tick at 103.24, and it's not charting the same (for whatever reason) then we've opened ourselves to greater trading risks. Plus the latency from the CT execution, to the browser's dom interpretation, to the actual broker form submission. There's just alot of room for error.

    On the flip side, if the Broker-submitted trade was at 103.21, but CT has a tick at 103.24, we can manipulate the chart by using something as crude as a pindrop to designate that "BrokerX-submitted trade - 103.24" to designate that when the live trade was placed, the trader's broker read a different tick than we produced, so their entry is off.

    Our live In/Out status won't be accurate, per say, but it would give a nice visual representation of the data, and create the number of trades for us to get an idea of the mindset of said trader, and still a way to create their trading log. As long as we control the data that we accept, authenticate the data via whatever method created, we can accept latency into CT and can control how it looks and feels. (It'd be kinda cool if a screenshot via the plugin could be obtained of the broker's chart at trade execution)


    Another idea that I had, though a resource hog, not really possible at all, and also adds to the latency/charting issue, is a chart scrapper for supported broker. An application or service that is running, collecting the data from different brokers and overlaying it on the CT for when we place a trade and state who we have our live trade with. We could then see via the overlay what they're ticking at and compare it with CT's ticks. This again, will fuel the idea of understanding why the trader did what he did.

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