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    financial markets during Wednesday's trading session. !!!

    We saw a lot of action when speaking of the financial markets during Wednesday's trading session.
    Investors were of the view that they should take risks in European stocks. Equities and indices in
    Germany and other countries in the Eurozone ended higher after manufacturing data across the
    region came out better than was forecast. The thing is that we also saw impressive gains in the FTSE
    100. On the other hand, there were losses when it came to American stocks. The same was true for
    equities in Japan. There just is not enough positive sentiment in these 2 countries at the moment.
    This means you will need to follow economic data as it is published from the news wires very closely
    today if you intend of opening vital trades.

    Source: FMtrader's Financial Review

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    Please read this thread: http://forums.binaryoptionsthatsuck....rading-session check the replays.

    Please follow Michael's request. Next time you post wrong, your post will be deleted and you will be warned.
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    ok i changed the place

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    Today 52% users are recommended to sell gold.

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    Which users? This is not binary options, right? If it is, what were the expirations?

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    Today 49% users are recommended to buy gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bradhaddin View Post
    Find best binary broker online. To invest your money.
    binary isn't investing, its trading. That's the first lesson.

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