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    Looking for intra day and within same week signal with good success rate !!!

    I'm Looking for intra day ie with same day or within the week signals with good success rate. There are some intraday signal threads in CT area. But most of them are 1 week signals. Maybe there's is a way to use those signals and information to trade within the same day. Can somebody guide me? I'm Also ready to buy signals if they are really good. I Would like to receive them by SMS,email or whatsup. I'm A newbie

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    We are not recommending blindly following signals even when they are very good. Best is to learn from following a seasoned trader but also to understand why he is entering specific trades and what are his reasons for taking positions here or there. Yes we have good threads with weekly trades, Michael has one, I am also trying to trade weekly and daily expirations. I hope soon I will be able to start daily and shorter term trades as well. So surely you can find short term expirations here, but ask whenever you don’t understand why the trades are taken, don’t follow them blindly because it is a sure way to lose your account!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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