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    What is the maximum amount per trade for long term trades? !!!

    I'm Doing long term trades of more than one week. I Asked this question to my broker as well. I Did not get any reply yet. I Will follow up with them. What is the maximum we can invest per trade in long term. Is there any limit?

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    It depends on the broker. Some of them have max trade at 1000$, some of them have 5000$ and some 10000$. Also most of the brokers have maximum exposure (all open trades at any given moment of time).
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    and some brokers have rules limiting how much you can trade on a percent basis, like they won't honor trades that are 50% or 100% of an account, to help prevent risky trading and to protect themselves from potential catastrophic losses.

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    As the above said very depends on the broker. Most of them as far as i know just let you open long term trades within a small amount. lets say not more the 10% of your initial portfolio

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    Ask again, because this question can only be answered by your broker. Otherwise, if you still remain unanswered and if you have something in mind, just give it a try.

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    Who is your broker anyways?

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    This parameter is broker dependent. A broker may have different max limit for different kinds of trading as well like smaller max limit for 60 seconds and a greater max limit for long term.

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