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    strange 1 IQ Option - new to trading some experiences appriciated !!!

    Gday all you wonderful people, Lets see I'm new to trading and binary options. Long and short, after just over a week of playing around with IQ Options, ive gone from losing money (play money) from $1000 to just under $800, then thought about it, started getting around 50% wins, then in the last 3 days after having a logical think. Ive gone from $800 to $1170 with 100% correct trades. anyways. Im only using the iPhone app. ill post in other sections about other things. but the question is......

    Is IQ Options any good? Will they pay? Im in australia. Any pros cons anyone knows about with these guys? Ive only used IQ so far. any other recommendations? Does the demo account make you win to hook you in? or am i just a lucky fluke?

    i use a mac, iPad and iPhone.


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    actually I've answered your question here - http://forums.binaryoptionsthatsuck....t-all-the-same
    that just my opinion, ofcourse, better consult with others as well
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    I had very bad experience with IQOption and personally i will not recommend them to anybody i had problem while withdrawing my money $9000. When i tried to withdraw money they banned my account stating i have breached multiple account terms as my wife also had account with them funny part is that 2-3 days before this when i was loosing money IQoption account manager was giving consultancy to me and my wife together to go for VIP account and she was very much aware that wife also have account with them. They have ridiculous support system and never bother to reply your email. I also complain with CYSEC with all proof so for no response and i don't think they will take any action. For me they are bunch of scammer if you keep winning btw i am also from Australia.

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    Their customer support is poor for sure.

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    Choose someone with better reputation. I haven't heard much about IQ Option, but kripal's post suggests that they are not the best possible choice. Try with StockPair, Boss Capital, AnyOption or 24Options. All reputable and trust worthy,

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    Btw, not sure if someone else noticed that, but IQOptions seem to flood forex/binary search results with tons of different domains which all point to their main site ...

    Ofc, marketing is no crime but such an agressive (and annoying) style just makes my alarms go off ...

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