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    My horrible experience with inside option broker !!!

    I Opened an account with inside option through roger pierce auto binary signals pro signals option. This an auto trade software. i had to open an account with either one of his recommended broker. Inside option was one of them.

    I Opened an account with 500 $ capital. I turned on the auto trade option.

    I Got a call from my account manager the next day. He tried to convince me to allow him to trade in my account. He said he can bring 10k profit in one week. I Said I do not need his service. I Said I am currently following a system and I want to trade on my own. Without my approval he went ahead and swooped 2000$ from my card over the phone call. After fighting over phone and talking to head broker they agreed to release my money after approval documents are sent across.

    They knew that this process will take atleast 10 days so he gave me a call after few days to again convince me to allow him to trade my account. He said anyway the money is going to be there in my account for another 2 weeks and I might as well make use of it.

    I Have more to share and need advice on how to take my money out of this broker and close my account. They are not responding to my withdrawal request.

    I Found this forum and website later. I Could not find this broker in the reviews and ratings page.

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    that doesn't sound very good at all. It doesn't look like this broker is regulated so there is not a whole lot you can do... try to contact the UK FCA... the headquarters is listed as London but the operations are set up in Anguila, maybe try with them too... And keep us posted with your progress, I've never heard of this broker before

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    Thanks for the feedback. This forum is very useful especially for newbies like me

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    The solution is actually much simpler than you think. Send an email to the account manager and CC the customer support. Tell them you were charged $2,000 without your consent and that they have sent them all the documents and withdrawal form and nothing was done yet. Write that if you do not receive the funds within 14 days you will call your credit card company and reverse the charges for fraud and you will get your money back from your credit card company. If you used a debit card you have less time so just call your bank now and reverse the charges for fraud. If I were you I will withdraw the $500 as well and reverse that if they give you any issues. Regarding the signals, small piece of advice, don't use them. You see, these recommended brokers are the guys affiliates. That means when you open an account with the recommended brokers he is getting paid between $200 - $250 by the broker. Brokers will not work with any signal provider if he is successful because they will lose profits over it. I did find signals that don't work with any brokers and they have been pretty good so far. If you are interested, pm me. Good luck with the broker.

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    Thanks for your feedback. Do you mean to say that if I profit then the brokers are losing? I Was under the impression that the brokers profit is based on no of trades that I make and the amount per trade. If this is the case then they will always try to not process my withdrawals

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    Inside Option is one of the worst.
    STAY AWAY!!!!

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    I Was in a hurry and forgot to mention some points. I placed the withdrawal request just 2 days back. I Think I should give them few days more before I escalate.

    But I want to share one more incident with this broker.

    I Am a newbie and I have never tried the service that these account managers are trying to sell. Although one side of my mind was saying not to do it but another part was asking me to try. I Was thinking maybe I can work with my account manager and aim to withdraw weekly profits. I wanted to pay my credit card bill using profits.

    I Wrote an email to my account manager asking him to call me. I Said I can only start with 2500. But he somehow convinced me to invest 5000. He said I will be part of UAE group. I'm Based out of UAE. I knew that all this was scam. But I still thought that somehow can work with him to take atleast 2500 profit weekly. He said this is possible.

    There were no trades for 2 days. I Followed up with him to put more pressure. Then he placed two 5 min trades. It went for loss. I Told him not to take much risk. It is better to take end of days or more than a day expiry. I Thought this will be easier to predict. The trades were worth 1000 each. I Told him I cannot afford to loose anymore. All this communication through email.

    You will not believe what he did. He changed my password without informing me. I Was trying to login and could not. I Emailed him many times but no reply for 3 days. I Was scared that they might have stole my money.

    Then he emailed me with my password. I Immediately logged in and placed a request for withdrawal.

    I Forgot one more thing. He tried his level best to convince me to take bonus 5000. I Refused

    Now I am waiting for my withdrawal request

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    I'm Using autobinaryoptionssignals long term signal. I usually trade the following week ie next week Friday at 1700 expiry. It works most of the time so I was planning to invest bigger amount per trade since the expiry period is long and success rate is high.

    But if I am having problems with withdrawal request then how can I take weekly profits. I Have another account with option rally. I Am facing problems with them as well. I Will start another tread for the same.

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    I hope you will receive your money back.. However much important never ever trade with brokers that are even not in our lists! The risk of scamming is so high that it is not worth trying there are so many tested brokers with good reputation or at least proven that are not total scam. Be aware of that in the future!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolyo View Post
    I hope you will receive your money back.. However much important never ever trade with brokers that are even not in our lists! The risk of scamming is so high that it is not worth trying there are so many tested brokers with good reputation or at least proven that are not total scam. Be aware of that in the future!
    Yes sir. I will in future. This is why I'm seriously thinking of 24option. I'm Having account in option rally as well. I'm Facing withdrawal problems with them as well. So you mean to say that I may not get my money at all? Is this possible?

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