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Thread: trx

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    Junior Member bluedollar's Avatar

    trx !!!

    • P&L
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    Expiry Time
    Will Expire in
    Entry Price
    Cur/Exp Price
    Trade's LIVE status

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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    That was a close one! what kind of strategy are you using?

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    Junior Member bluedollar's Avatar
    I use launcher trx final indicator.
    Call Opportunity :
    If at the :50 minute mark price is under the TRX line, call for the next :30 minute expiry.
    Put Opportunity :
    If at the :50 minute mark price is over the TRX line, put for the next :30 minute expiry.
    use 5 minute chart.Do not use it while the market is trending

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    Junior Member Jenny-D's Avatar
    Why this strategy works only at the :50 minute mark?
    I just doesn't make sense.

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    Active Member Kilo's Avatar
    I looked it up and found the information and indicators on this group...

    Following the thread, which i hadnt read it all, it seems interesting. I havnet tried it yet because i converted my demo account on Marketsworld to live so I will try it here when the markets open tomorrow.

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    Active Member Kilo's Avatar
    Oh yeah. According to that forum and its users, which some had been very successful with it, you use this strategy on a non-trending market. It looks to use some sort of bollinger bands type indicator.

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    Junior Member bluedollar's Avatar
    Btw this indicator is best to use at 12:00 PM GMT TILL 4:00 AM GMT

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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    it looks weird to me, what do the times have to do with anything?

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    Junior Member bluedollar's Avatar
    i read it at some forum saying that the time is important considering this is 30min expiry you do not want the market to be active.

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    Junior Member bluedollar's Avatar
    So here the resultName:  JU.jpg
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