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    Solid Member Pinayito's Avatar

    Another newbie joining in! !!!

    Hello everybody! I am glad to finally decided to join this groupI have been "everywhere" but now I know that there are a lot of websites out there who are only interested in selling and scamming newbies! Anyways, I have always been curious about trading ever since I was in Thailand as a singer. I heard that people can make a lot of money with it and vice versa. It was interesting for me to see all these people looking at all these charts! Anyways, I was looking for a means for me to be make money since I cannot go back to my present job after losing my voice. I thought, at least I don't need to talk while trading! Unfortunately, I stepped into a "landmine" in the trading business. To make the story short, I closed my accounts with these scam auto bots and I am still trying to get the money left from these accounts. This experience did not stop me from learning how to trade. It even give me the drive to learn REAL TRADING! I am still in the nursery phase but I know that with patience and perseverance, I will get to the level where I could trade with confidence and consistency. Thank you for taking me in!


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    Hey! Good to have you here! Trading is hard.
    Allow yourself time to develop and get experienced. You can evolve here, I used to be a newbie too but then found this Community.

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    Good luck! you found the right place. Try to stay away from the autobots and signals, check out our School section and try to find a strategy you can use.

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    Take your time to learn and you will be able to make some money. It's not easy but to a committed person it's surely possible.
    Best way to trade is doing things you understand, instead of just following others. Learning may cost some time (and learning money because you will always make some mistakes first), but it's way better than following.

    Wishing you great trades!

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    Legendry Member willyw's Avatar
    Hi welcome pinayito. There is a lot to learn but not to worry. there are people to help you. You can head to our school section where you can pick up the coorection information to become a good trader.

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    Hi Pinayto,

    Warm welcome to our trading community!

    I see in your words passion about trading and this surely can make a good trader out of your newbie phase now. It is a long path and need a lot of understanding to start making consistently money. There are so many risks, but if you are open minded and connect with other successful traders you will see there are many shortcuts that can boost and accelerate your learning curve. Make sure to connect with real traders and not with fake gurus, to read the charts and listen all the news feed, to understand what is driving the prices and how to beat the crowd! For beginner like you it is much better to stick to longer time frames, i.e. weekly and monthly positions and less often daily and shorter term trades. We have great demo trading environment where you can have fun without risking any money and sharing your trades with the other guys here. You will find valuable feedback and can ask whenever you find something you don’t understand.

    Have a nice week and see you around!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Thanks Okane.

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    Thanks a lot Kolyo! I will take your advice about taking longer trades. But for as long that I don't understand why I have to take that certain trade, even longer trade for me is practically gambling. I still my education :-) I am still in the nursery section of education. But I am sure, help is abound in this site. Thanks again!

    Thanks,, have a nice weekend too!

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    Thanks Willyw. I will do that! Good education is the only way to be a successful trader!

    Have a great weekend everybody!

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    Welcome aboard. You have just joined a group of great gals and guys. And you will learn a lot here if you keep at it.

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