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    MetaTrader 4 Vs Metatrader 5? !!!

    As the title says, I'm curious as to what the differences are and if it's ok to use either.

    I was on mac, using the XM broker version of MT4 for mac. But it had some freeze issues when I tried modifying some of the indicators settings.
    I decided to switch to Windows through Bootcamp and was thinking of starting my trading journey from here but since now I noticed that MT5 has a mac version, I'd like to be filled in about what perks/diff there are between the two.

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    Metatrader 5 is newer but I don’t think it is much better. Yes there are some features that are greatly improved, but it is also much heavy program and need more PC resources to work properly. The biggest advantages are in the field of coding because it implement object oriented coding also other nice feature is automated strategy testing, but I don’t see any other significant improvements and prefer to stick to the older but much easier to use and lighter Metatrader 4. Hope that helps
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    I prefer trading with Metatrader 4, because it is easier to implement all your indicators and also lighter in terms of RAM usage.

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