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    [Skrill] Getting cashback for your transactions !!!


    I would like to introduce you our private programme that provides 1% cashback on Skrill.

    How to do it -
    • You need to join our VIP cashback programme by fill out this form (I'll post the link when/if get permission from the Admins)
    • You need to deposit a minimum of $15.000 / month to be eligible for cashback (then your account will be upgraded to Silver VIP)
    • We pay you 1% cashback for depositing money on various - poker, casino, betting, forex, BO - sites around the 15th of the following month.

    Plus you can enjoy all the VIP benefits (lower/free upload fees, free security token, free MasterCard, etc.).

    We have a list of BO sites that does not charge clients when depositing money, so you can move your funds from broker to Skrill back and forth and increase the amount of money you deposit per month.

    On top of these we offer free money exchange to our VIPs with multi currency accounts on rate. We only carry USD, EUR and GBP.

    I hope this offer takes your interest, your questions are welcome.

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    you can post your business in the "introducing businesses forum" and post your links there... :-)

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    OK, thank you for pointing that out. I am going to copy & paste this topic into that section.

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