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    The Red Flags In Binary Options !!!

    Hello Every One

    Binary is a new exciting online trading.
    Unlike forex and stock markets, binary is designed in such a way that
    the brokers have a massive edge over traders most of the times

    As traders, we are not doing enough to help ourselves. In the face of
    massive advantages to the brokers, there are plenty binary scammers daily.

    I have watched most of the binary activities. I have been involved in binary options trading
    and in the past fallen prey to the scams myself.

    After all that, I have put together what I call THE RED FLAGS IN BINARY OPTIONS.

    Without a single doubt, below are the tell tale signs of binary scams

    Read carefully, apply them always and be saved.....

    Here are the RED FLAGS IN BINARY.

    Whenever you see them run miles away from the product.

    1) Lengthy sale videos without a clear demonstration of how the software works.

    Take a look at reputable forums like warrior forum or Jvzoo, every good launch of a software has a clear
    demo video of how the software works so you know if it's for you or not.
    But almost all the binary bots I've seen every week, have
    no clear demo of how the software works in their lengthy sale videos.
    That's a red flag

    A few may take you to the inside and show you winning trades.
    Be aware that it's the few trades that ended in the money that they have shown.
    They may have deliberately kept behind the many lost ones.
    And that showing you the 2 or 3 trades won is not demonstrating the software to you.

    The binary bot is given out for free.
    No one who has spent money to develop a good software( that can make you the millions they claim)
    would give it out free. They give the bots free because the software are crap and will not make you money.
    If the software are good enough to make you profit, trust me, they will not be given out free.

    The reason they pass the scam bots over to you is to get you to fund an account so that they will be paid
    their CPA commissions by the brokers.

    3) If you are called by a "senior broker" to deposit $5,000 or so to trade for you
    and pay you X% of profit per month. Watch out .

    After you okay the deal, there is a document that would be sent to you to sign as a commitment.
    That document would say you can not hold the "senior broker" or the platform responsible
    if you were to lose your money. That should be a red flag , my friend.
    Stop there and run away from the "senior broker".

    4) The impressive screenshots of account balance and testimonials are all faked with photoshop.
    Don't believe them.

    If you review the next binary product sent to you with above points, you should be able to decide whether
    to run away or to stay.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you for sharing with us this post! This is one of the best posts summarizing everything needed to know to avoid scams, or at least most of the basic steps to find an early warning that you are about to be scammed if you are not careful. Unfortunately most of the newbie traders here are not aware of all these dangers and very easily can fall in the traps of experienced scammers and false brokers! So everybody read this piece of text very very carefully!!!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    good posting

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    Loud and clear.

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    There is one thing you forgot to mention. If you fell for a scam why don't you reverse the charges? With credit cards you have up to 6 months usually and with debit cards around 30 days (check this with your bank). If a guy is trading for you, if there is no signed agreement between you just reverse the charges for fraud. Why is that so difficult? I don't get it.

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