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    Hello from Japan! !!!

    Good day to everyone. I'm a total binary options newbie, a Filipino living in Japan for more than half of my age. I buy/sell/export vehicles, do vehicle repair and restoration a few years back and business got slow. I rarely do this kinds of work now unless I receive orders from my customers but still sells machinery tools at the auctions, do private martial arts lessons, etc. And is also looking forward to networking business (health products and probably cosmetics, lame but I'll go where the money is, lol!) on another country which is taking too long to open their branch there.

    A few weeks ago, my Japanese motorcycle shop owner buddy told me about his plans on doing binary options but wanted my help since he can't read English. There are lots of infos written in Japanese but they said that since binary options is from abroad, that it is best to learn the how to's in English. I watched lots of binary options videos on YouTube and most gave huge promises on making easy money basically overnight. I've been doing business for a long time and wont fall for some half cooked get rich soon video... I found CommuniTraders just a few days ago when I was trying to get more education and found out about your BOTS Trading School and it is like a gold mine. I'm still reading on the PreSchool and still have lots to study and learn. The truth is that I was planning to find a good broker and start this week with no knowledge but as I read more, the more questions keeps coming out. I would like to start at the lowest possible membership/deposit just to take a dip and see if I can put the puzzle together???

    There are some problems that I'm trying to figure out like: which cheap but reliable broker to use and are Japanese friendly, what bank to use, etc. There are some brokers from abroad who have Japanese translation for their sites but my problem is that I suck reading Japanese but can speak Japanese fluently. I want to join a full English site so that at least I can understand what is written and don't have to drag my wife or my son to do the translations for me. Many videos that I watched seems a bit dodgy and incomplete and some are too technical for me to understand... Several of my friends in the vehicle business wants to do binary options too but they are relying on me to study and take the first cold dive before they follow. With my very limited time spent on reading about binary options, I was their guru when we had a meeting. It's funny since they have been thinking about this for several months now and the stuffs that I got from YouTube instantly made me their teacher, haha! They want me to be their Peid Piper but I don't want to lead my friends to their doom.

    I find the forum and the Bot Trading School to be very solid. I don't know how to start but I'm positive that this forum will get me started soon.

    Another question is, what PC should I use. I have two desktops, an atom netbook and a newish 5" Android Smartphone. I was thinking about the netbook because of portability especially when I travel. Sadly I bought several netbooks to sell before and still have some that didn't sell and I'm stuck with them... Or should I buy a stronger laptop for doing binary options or just use my smartphone when bidding?

    Thank you very much my Binary Options Senseis! Ossu!!!
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    Welcome to bots trading community Ronnel. I just post my weekly trading tips USD/JPY and S&P500. You can see it.

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    welcome aboard, glad you found us. I don't know much about Japanese brokers, I know you have your own regulation over there. But check into the school for learning, its a good place to start.

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    Hey buddy! Or should I say, yoroshiku!
    No, my Japanese isn't half as good as yours (jouzu ja arimase) but I would love
    to get the chance to live in Japan one day, at least for a period .

    Well, don't ask us about computers, you are the one living next to "Yodobashi Camera" lol
    No but, I would recommend a PC. I don't recommend trading "on the run". You want a bigger monitor,
    I use two monitors. One for charting software and the other for the broker's platform.
    Don't start trading just yet, keep studying. For your Japanese friends I recommend 24Option as they
    do offer Japanese language.
    You could use 24Option or Stockpair if you are OK with English.
    Read about both brokers here:

    By the way! Have you seen our demo platform? Why not practice here for now and even
    copy some signals from our pro traders here! While you are learning, also learn from
    anyone you copy. Ja mata neh!
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    Thank you very much for the warm welcome Milos!

    USD/JPY is my main target to do. Will search for your post about it. First time I heard about S&P500 from you, will do my research and studies about it. Thank you very much Sensei!

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    Hi Michael Hodges! Thank you for your warm welcome.

    I heard that Japan still doesn't have a local broker and the Japanese people who are doing Binary Options are using brokers from abroad. The rumor is that maybe next year some local brokers will be permitted to start their companies. Talk about the Jpn regulation is still in speculation. Lots of rumors about how the companies will be regulated but nothing solid to hold on to yet. I have been burning the midnight oil at the school. Still have lots to learn though...

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    Konichiwa Okane San!

    Japan is a nice and safe place to live in. Lots of beautiful ladies too You should visit sometime.
    Yodobashi Camera is just two train station away but I'm a cheap guy and always go for the hand me downs from friends, lol! Will try to con my mates to donate two large pc monitors because I am their binary options sensei, haha! Thanks for your advice against trading on the run.

    I think 24Options will be great for my Japanese friends and for me too. Thanks for that!

    I haven't seen the demo platform yet. I have been trying to find it but I'm positive that I'll find it as I go along.

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

    PS: Your user name is awesome! "Okane" = MONEY!!!

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    Haha, I know. I was in Tokyo for 2 weeks back in 2010!
    I spent all my days eating and visiting Akihabara . Lovely people.

    You will find our demo at the top of this page. Just scroll all the way up and click that
    green button that says "Start Trading". It's pretty new, that's why its hidden still :P.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yes indeed, Okane ga takusan motte imasu, if I remember my pimsleur's Japanese lessons correctly.

    Would be great if you also started your own diary later on, when you feel for it.
    Here in this room:

    See you there!
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    Hello, Ronnel! Nice to meet you! You will find most of your questions answered here. It’s always better to first take some time to observe the chat rooms to check out strategies, ideas and our member’s opinions on brokers. Just for safety you can also check the threads that reveal scammers. The demo platform is very nice too. A little new, but free and it’s better than taking the risk of trading real time when still beginning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronnel View Post
    Thank you very much for the warm welcome Milos!

    USD/JPY is my main target to do. Will search for your post about it. First time I heard about S&P500 from you, will do my research and studies about it. Thank you very much Sensei!
    Michael is more familiar than me in S&P500 trading. You can see his post Trading with the Geek and his weekly trading tips.

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