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    Brokers with stop loss capability !!!

    I have a Nadex account and I like them, but they don't allow a stop loss as a trade type. Only limit. For example if I buy a binary at $80, I can't set a stop loss at $40. When I try, it closes my trade. Does anybody know of a reputable broker that has the ability to set stops?

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    Not that I know of, not cftc regulated.

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    Check out ApexInvesting solely for their StopLoss plugin for the Nadex Platform. It works just as you described and I used it pretty frequently. This isn't a broker or anything, more of a community/business for profit that teaches and uses their own created techniques and strategies specifically tailored to Nadex. Im not trying to advertise for them as I'm against their profit incentive model as opposed to our community of free advice, but you have to love some of their products like the Stoploss.

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