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Thread: SBS trading

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    SBS trading !!!

    • P&L
    • Investments
    • -
    Expiry Time
    Will Expire in
    Entry Price
    Cur/Exp Price
    Trade's LIVE status
    This looks like a typical school case for a SBS :


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    Making small risk per trade is a wise decision, although taking 5 minute expiry on stock trading without significant news driving the market is not that good. It will be much better if you try to overcome this problem by taking at least one hour trades. It is not that long too
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Ok it's true that I kind of a problem making longer trades. I'll try it out and looking for the signals on the M15 M30 and H1 graphs.
    When you say that i'm trading without news you mean that the market is more raging so it is hard to get a strong trend?

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    Was a bit to much in the analysing of your remark ---> thanks a lot for your insights!!

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    Looking for stronger trends is the best thing, sometimes sparked by news events.

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