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Thread: 2nd try SBS

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    2nd try SBS !!!

    • P&L
    • Investments
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    Expiry Time
    Will Expire in
    Entry Price
    Cur/Exp Price
    Trade's LIVE status
    3 green light :
    Fast EMA going over Slow EMA
    RSI over 50 
    STO in the 70 but still going up (is it already to high?)

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    Well it's ITM!
    The STO continued to go up

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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    Don't worry about stochastic being too high while the market is trending up, stochastic can remain overbought indefinitely in that scenario... watch for convergence/divergence and follow up trend following signals for signs of what to do next.

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    I should use de MACD?
    Tell me if I got this right:
    If it is still divergent and positive (or négative if down trend) I should do an extra call?
    If it Converge it will be more unstable and I hsould wait and see?

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