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    Rookie Member farvination's Avatar

    Smile Hi, I am Farvin, nice to meet you! !!!

    Hello pro traders and newbies like myself!

    My name is Farvin and I am from Malaysia. My first encounter with Binary Options was October 2014 when a window popped on my computer screen telling me to "Wait! Do you want to generate extra income on the side?"

    Of course!

    I clicked on the link and watched a video. A man (I forgot his name) explained how he made $4,000 per month of extra income through Binary Options trading. I said 'Wow, this is great! I want to learn more!' The great thing about this guy (although I assumed it was spam) was he didn't ask for money. But, he did give an affiliate link to Opteck, his broker of choice.

    I signed up on Opteck. Received multiple calls asking me to deposit my money to access their multiple 'perks' such as a demo account and 1-on-1 lessons. I thought, wait... This is weird. They sounded scammy. So I rejected their offer saying I'm not ready and I want to explore what Binary Options is all about.

    Fast forward to February 2015. I clicked on a link on Google (can't remember my search term, probably 'what is binary option' or 'is binary option a scam') - this amazing website appeared! BOTS.

    Thank you so much Martin Kay, Michael Hodges, and others for putting the effort to compile all the information for a newbie like me. I understand now that trading BO needs a lot of awareness, patience and knowledge. I am about to complete Pre-School. I'm rereading each article just to make sure and 2 days ago I decided to sign up on BOTS and test the Demo Trading Platform.

    I hope to learn more from the website (which I know I will) and from pro traders around here. Based on the responses I read on the forum, I know my questions will be answered (if they haven't been asked, that is). I'm loving this community and I would like to end this long introduction (sorry for that!) with a and Nice to meet you!

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    Hey! Welcome to bots!
    Haha those ads... the guy in the video is just a voice actor anyway and the name is fake
    so just forget about them. Stay here and learn, we are no actors here :P
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    Hello Farvin welcome to bots trading community.

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    Welcome Farvin!

    That’s great you started practicing on demo in CommuniTraders platform. The experience you gain from real life trading can not be replaced by learning from the books. The best you can do is to follow the other traders ideas, see what is working and what is not and try to make your own strategy and rules when and how to enter the market. Don’t stick to fast trading, try indeed some daily and weekly trades and thus ensure that you will trade real setups and not only random signals. If you have any questions let us know and we will help you!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Hi Farvin, welcome to BOTS. It's nice to have you with us

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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    Glad to have you aboard, be sure to use the communitraders platform to test your strategies, its free demo trading FYI ;-)

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    Specialist Member runneroption's Avatar
    Welcome to BOTS, Farvin. Yeah, most people find out and get excited about Binaries after accidently clicking on some random link in their e-mail box. You’re lucky that you found us first and you didn’t deposit your money before having the chance to really understand trading, because that’s what’s about to happen here. J This forum is awesome and all you need is time, devotion and a demo account. Good luck!

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    Rookie Member farvination's Avatar
    Thank you all for the warm welcome!

    @Kolyo Thanks for the advice, I will definitely get into longer trades.

    I have been searching around for a broker and I have decided IQ Option to be my broker of choice. What do you guys think about them? I am on their FREE Demo account right now. Also, they support my currency!

    However, I'm not planning to deposit any money until I graduate College level of BOTS School.

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    Rookie Member farvination's Avatar
    I do feel lucky after stumbling upon this forum. Thanks for the welcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by farvination View Post
    I do feel lucky after stumbling upon this forum. Thanks for the welcome!
    You are most welcome,friend!!!

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