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    smile 3 Binary options signal provider 100% return in a month!! !!!

    Iv been trading on forex for 2 years and a half now, was achieving 25% Return a month using 4H charts, recently went to binary 3 months ago i have been achieving 100% return a month!! I take 10 trades a day using 5% Risk mangement, i usually win 6-7 out of 10. What i look for is 7 confirmations (more the better obviously) then i enter the trade. First months free trail so you can build up your account. Then every month i double your account its £100 a month, will send the signals directly from my phone.

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    Hi Scottf90.

    I could be interested in test your signals...Please, can you give me more details about your signals:
    - Expiration used?
    - Time of the day you usually send the signals (trading sessions)?
    - how do you send the signals to users, by email, skype,...?
    - can you show the results of the last weeks of trading?


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    I'm moving this to the introducing business forum, unless you meant to expose yourself as a scam?

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    Hi Scott,

    I don’t think signals from a phone is the best possibility unless you are trading while running or taking tours in your city This is great that you give free trail for your service, but give here more details, are you sending signals through skype, sms or something else?
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Something here doesn't make sense and I am not sure how come no one is asking this question. It just doesn't make any sense. Let's say I have $1,000 in my account. 5% of $1,000 is $50, right? Let's say that on a trade of $50 I get a return of $40 if I am correct. He said his success is 7 out of 10 trades, right? So 40 x 7 = $280 3 x 40 = $120. That makes a total profit of $160, right? Remember you need to double your account. So $1,000 / $160 = 6.25. That means around 60 trades are required each month and 42 must be in the money and 18 trades will be out the money. If you risk 5% of your balance every trade, if those 18 trades come in a row you will lose all your money. If 10 come in a row that's half your money gone. It doesn't matter whether I paid for it or not. To conclude, I am not suggesting your signals are bad you didn't provide us with your track record yet but don't get into risk management at all. Let everyone do what they see is best for them. Stating you will double the account in a month is wrong. completely wrong and I will even go as far as saying irresponsible.
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