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    worldicon TOOL: For Binary AUTOTRADING MT4 Alerts including signal Service (BOAT) !!!

    Dear Community,

    I hope, this is the correct BOARD for this topic.
    I want to tell about a tool im am working with for autotrading binary options from my own MT4 indicators.
    The tool is called BOAT and more than the usual autotraders you find in the net.
    Boat = Binary Options Auto Trader

    It is a program that works like a web browser and is able to login to multiple brokers.
    Most common brokers like 24Option, Stockpair, Spotoption brokers are supported.
    Users can connect their MT4 indicators with alert (a code has to be added into the mq4 file) to make the BOAT to autotrade the signals to your binary options plattform.
    The most useful thing in the program is, that it offers a simulation and risk management mode, so it can work like the simulator in MT4.
    A log file shows you the win ratio the indicator has without trading live in your account.
    With the implemented risk management, you can define win ratios, when the tool automatically switches from simulation mode into live trading.
    A stopp loss and some other very useful features are offered.

    Beside of this, the tool offers a free signal service, same as the possibility to publish or copy your trades to other users.
    The program is intended to work in short term so 30, 60, 120, 180, 300s. On Stockpair also the 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes are offerd.

    It works browser based (so not with API connection) so if you convert your indicator trades brokers should not notice you are working with a "tool".
    I decided to post here, because I am interested if some users of here also tried this tool and maybe others are interested in trying it out.
    Beside a monthly subscription, the provider also offers free subscription connected with an affilate program.

    The providers website is:
    Facebook news can be found here:
    Youtube Channel:

    I would really appreciate to get your experience about that tool.

    All the best,

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    Hey Mike and thanks for sharing.
    Since this is a not a tool, but a signal service, the thread was moved to Introducing Businesses.
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    Thats great. Thank you very much Kay!

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    Thanks for sharing! Looks really interesting but can you please share more details on how does it works and is it useful for newbie traders or some degree of experience is needed?
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    Post !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kolyo View Post
    Thanks for sharing! Looks really interesting but can you please share more details on how does it works and is it useful for newbie traders or some degree of experience is needed?
    Dear Users,
    I am pleased to share some more details.

    The BOAT (BinaryOptionsAutotrader) -ATTENTION there are other tools with similar name in the net- is a stand alone program.
    You can run it on your home PC or a VPS. It simulates signals to website clicks, so you login with the boat Program to your broker and it will do the trades.
    Compared with other programs it does not have an API connection which requires fixing of brokers as soon as they change i.e. their login page.
    This is done mostly within 24hours according to what I experienced.

    Getting started for Newbies:
    To be honest the program is not as easy as the autotraders you find in the net that promise that you will just have to start the program and make millions.
    The easiest way to get started with BOAT is, to buy a monthly license and to use their free signal.
    This can be nearly done without any serious trading experience and the provider recommends all the settings that should be done for trading.

    Steps to use the free signal you can find here:
    Also a youtube video is connected showing how to get started there.

    Getting started for Advanced:
    Really strong functions are the implemented risk management and live loggings in connection with trading an own MT4 indicator.
    What you need is an mq4 file with an exact alert. Then you have to add a code to this script making the BOAT trade your signals.
    Having done this, you can setup special percentages, when the BOAT shall trade live i.e. 75%. If the simulated percentage is below that value, no live trade will be executed.
    Using these features, same as account balance and stoploss is also simple, but needs some time to familiarize how to use best.
    So people that want to use this function should have some experience with MT4 trading and risk management.

    BOAT is a program that will run and manage itself. Once or twice a day the user should have a look at it on the VPS or Computer and adjust or reset the settings.

    I will attach some screens of todays running BOAT (simulation only) and risk management settings.

    Feel free to ask additional questions.


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