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    Is it possible to make an alert for Value Chart in MT4? !!!

    Hi all,

    I would like to set up an alert on a Value chart indicator for when the candle crosses a certain level. Is this possible? If so how would I do this? I have googled this and found out how you can create alerts but I cant work out how to do it for a certain indicator or a specific condition that needs to be met to make the alert sound.

    If anyone would be kind enough to explain how I can do this or help me out and make the alert for me then I would be very grateful.

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    Any ideas? I have found I Value Chart that already has an alert but how do I edit it so the alert sounds due the the conditions I want met?

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    Ok so no luck with this so far. One other thing that should be a bit easier does anyone have a basic value chart I can download that wont cause lag? Every one of them I seem to download seems to make MT4 work extremely slowly, its the only indicator that seems to do it on my pc.

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    It's probably the indicator, not your PC. If you have teh option, lower the number of bars the indicator displays on the chart. Should be something like "bar count" or similar.
    I used the value chart and had the same slowdown problem but then i got my hands on a "lite" version. I dont have it anymore though.
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    It's also possible your Virus scanner slows it down, or maybe you'll have to run chkdsk and clean up your computer.
    Other applications can also slow down a program, although MT4 is not that heavy.

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