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Thread: and again

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    and again !!!

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    Trend is showing downward, bollinger bands still wide apart and 4th candlestick continuing the trend from the 3rd starting slightly higher than the closing price of the previous

    This I think qualifies for the 3 high 3 low stratagy


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    This is my 4th and last trade for tonight. 3 shared and 1 not.

    As I go to bed it is 2 in the money and 1 out of the money.

    Any feedback on these trades would be gratefully received, ie would you have made them, if not, why not.
    (also if someone can tell me how to screenshot metatrader and post on here I would be most gratefull

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    What kind of strategy are you using?

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    basically I am following this system

    3 bars high or low

    but with the added indicators of bollinger bands

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