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    Rookie Member pastymuncher's Avatar

    Hello. Another newbie Brit here !!!

    Hi guys

    I'm Stuart, another newbie from Britain. Originally from Cornwall but now residing in Liverpool.

    brand new to Binary options and trading in general and so glad I found this place. I've been going through the school on my smart phone but couldn't register till yesterday when I got my internet hooked up. Its been an interesting ride so far and the idea of quick easy money has already been removed from my brain. The first thing I have done is to download meta trader 4. Just got to figure out how it works now.

    Like most folks I found BO through certain emails promising easy money with a piece of software that will trade automatically. Even though I'm fairly good at spotting scams I must admit I was taken. Fortunatly because I didn't have internet and was using a smart phone I was able to take a step back because not all websites work on a smartphone. Then when the yelling starts that "You have to fund your account TODAY or the world will end" etc etc its a sure sign that it is a scam.

    Forward another couple of weeks and I found a broker that worked on the phone and didn't appear to have any bad reviews online (Traderush)....then I found BOTS
    Too late I had already deposited but not actually started trading. (Still haven't)

    Being a Brit I set upto trade in GBP. Anyone else or do you all trade in USD?

    Am now looking at trading in demo and going through school again (now I have a bigger screen)

    Goals wise, well. Originally I was looking to make a couple of hundred a week to help me through the lean season at work....that's not going to happen. If I can make 100 a week to start (when I actually start) I will be more than happy. The goal now is to provide an income during next years lean season which is Jan - April.

    Bit of along post, I'm sorry but any way hello

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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    currency type doesn't matter I think, so long as the broker is able to pay you in the same...

    I hear ya on making it through a lean season, I'm going to be straight with is possible but don't count on it, in fact, even with all of our help, a demo account, the school, the forum and CT you will still likely break even more than you win. Stick with it though and you will reap the benefits, trading is fun, educational, and can be profitable if you do it right. What you need to do is focus on the trading, the mechanics, the analysis and the management most importantly...then let your account grow so that it is reasonable to expect a hundred or two a week because it is equal to 5 or 10% of your account and not 25% or 50% or more. I think what you will find is that making a lot of good, small, trades will result in a ratio somewhere around 60% once you get on your feet. this means that you could make 10 trades a week, expect to win 6 of them and profit a little, over time if you let it build up that little will turn into a lot. sorry for the ramble, I just got up and haven't had coffee yet ;-)

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    Master Member SeasaltMcFish's Avatar
    Welcome Stuart!

    I guess Michael said all you need for now.

    Good luck and much fun in trading

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    Legendry Member milos's Avatar
    Welcome to bots forum Stuart. It doesn't matter what currency do you trade? EUR/GBP/USD/. Its the same. Once again welcome.

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    Active Member stensten's Avatar
    Hi Stuart,

    My favourite soccer team.. Liverpool !

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    Moderator Kolyo's Avatar
    Hello and welcome! Yes, it’s hard to make nice trades on the phone.

    I advise you to not put yourself to the commitment of higher goals at the beginning of your trading experience. At first you’ll probably just manage to sustain your money and not lose them. Then after some more reading (you’ve went trough the school articles, that’s a great start!) you’ll be able to become more experienced and thus profitable.

    Good luck and keep us informed on your improvement!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Legendry Member willyw's Avatar
    HI welcome on board, Stuart. Nice to have you here.

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    Rookie Member pastymuncher's Avatar
    Well this is going to be harder than I thought. been trying to get to grips with metatrader4. I've found a couple of newbie friendly stratagies I was looking to demo trade with but I can't get the chart to look anything like the chart. MACD Strategy

    Then I thought go billy basic with the 3 bars high low but I can't seem to get the indicator to work or even turn up in the platform.

    All this before I even get to demo trading

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    Master Member SeasaltMcFish's Avatar
    Did you find the directory where to place the indicators?

    Also, you always need to reboot your MT4 platform before a new indicator works.

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    Rookie Member pastymuncher's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SeasaltMcFish View Post
    Did you find the directory where to place the indicators?

    Also, you always need to reboot your MT4 platform before a new indicator works.
    Thanks for that. I found the directory but didn't know I had to reboot.
    I've got the indicator now

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