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    I always say non gambling

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    Hi kababayan!fellow pinoy n here!! I guess you r also bisaya..i used skrill in my trading here in bo. Funded my account in topoption thru far i havent encounter prob while using skrill..

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    Its easy to fund an account in skrill but have prob when trying to withdraw some amount from my skrill account using my skrill mastercard..i duno why this happened.anyone having the same prob??it seems like atm counters here in the philippines will not accept skrill card ������

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    I've no idea about the Philippines. Here in the Netherlands, you can withdraw up to €250 with your card without any trouble and also buy in some stores (although I don't do that and it's not in every store).

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    I thought Skrill only supplied their MC to EU residents.
    How do those who are not EU residents get one of their cards?

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    This is one of my favourite payment systems, very fast to deposit and withdraw money and easy to work with.

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