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    Who here has actually withdrawn money from a broker? !!!

    I would just like to know if there are actually any people here that regularly withdraw money from their broker? Has anyone withdrawn over 50k? Does anyone withdraw monthly figures in the thousands?

    I hear about so many people that are trading Binary Options but never really here about any withdrawals; not that anyone needs to tell the whole world about their withdrawals but it would be good to here that there are atleast some people making money from this and getting the money into their bank account.

    Being that the industry is said to be so dodgy and filled with scams it all feels a bit pointless if at the end of the day you cant get your money out. Are we really going to be able to make money from this or is it only Brokers and Affiliates that win here.

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    I can not say about withdrawals of such kind and monthly figures in thousands, but can say that regular withdrawals with good brokers are not a problem. Do not think that it will be easy to make such figures. If you are not already a millionaire you will face a lot of difficulties before you reach the level to make regular four figures monthly income and better to not expect that much because if you are eager to take bigger risks it will lead easily to disaster.

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    Who Knows - I use 24option without a problem. There are only a select few brokers that I would trust out there and they are all regulated and well capitalised

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    I can tell your form my own experiences that Lbinary and Titantrade will not pay you any profit that you make, and you likely will not get your deposits either. I was able to get my money back by filing a dispute against the brokers with my credit card company. I still have an account with GOptions, but from the reviews I have read, I think I will be in the same situation with them when I try and start withdrawing funds.

    Note that all of these brokers are unregulated, but unfortunately I don't have the option to go with regulated brokers like 24option since I live in the US. I've had it with these scammers, and I think that its only a matter of time before these guys are put out of business. To that end, I am doing my part to warn people to stay away from these lowlifes.

    I'm currently in the process of learning to trade with Nadex, which is regulated here in the states.

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    Thanks for the responses, Some positive some not so positive. None of the information on brokers fills me with confidence lol.

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    Yes I believe Nadex is the way to go. I have been between my live account and my demo account for about 6 months now and it quite a good experience. The regulation is what caught my eye and that's why I went that route. Customer service is great too. I hadnt had enough to withdraw anything yet but I dont think that it ill be a problem being that your money is in an actual bank. Thats the other thing that caught my attention with Nadex.
    Have fun.


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    I've made a few withdrawals so far, not something to brag about. Using StockPair primarily.

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    I use Empire, made a few small withdrawals but they give better features if you let your account build so I've been doing that,

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    I used stockpair for about a year and a half, (until they kicked the remaining US customers out) but I made a withdraw every month. It took about 7-10 days and always got my money. They are great!
    Before I used Bank De Binary , I started trading there (my 1st broker) I only tried to withdraw 3 times and never got my money, ever!!! when they got regulated (god knows how) I got kicked out because of my US citizenship and never received my deposit back $300 usd or my profits $2,200 not much but it is the prinicipal, I would avoid them at all cost.
    I am trying Boss Capital at the moment and just made my 1st withdraw, I started with 500 usd and withdrew 1,000 it took two days to get "validated" and my money showed up around 10 days after I requested withdraw, but this encluded my "validation". I hope to be able to make another withdraw around the 1st of Febuary I will report how long it takes. But so far so good~

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    Anyone here use Top Option or manage to withdraw from them?

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