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    Hello everyone, Newbie here! !!!

    Hi all,

    Just a post to say hi and tell you a little about myself. Nothing very exciting lol.......

    I am pretty new to Binary Options trading, I have been trading for around a month, I joined a Binary options training group and picked up a few strategies from there along with some indicators to use and then decided to join CToption. I managed to slowly build up my account and triple my deposit amount but then suddenly the strategy I was using stopped going to plan, I ended up blowing my account. Its early days but I feel I have learnt from those mistakes and am hoping to make a fresh start at a new broker next week.

    I have done quite a lot of reading over the past few weeks and have some ideas on how im going to approach things this time, I have also spent pretty much all my time when off work at home watching the charts (hence posting this just as the charts have stopped for the weekend) haha.

    If anyone knows of any basic strategies or indicators that may help me to get started again then I would really appreciate any suggestions.

    Thanks for reading everyone
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    Hey Who Knows who :P.
    Wow that sucks, from tripling the account to zero, I mean.

    Good thing you joined CT. I can tell you from my own
    experience that the only thing that will last as far as
    strategies go is relying on the charts and the history they
    present to you. Also, there are plenty of free and awesome
    indicators you can use. Check our tools/indicators reviews you'll see.

    Let us know if you need any help!
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    Hello Who Knows
    Welcome to BOTS trading community
    During the weekends the stocks markets are closed.
    What time frame expiry do you use?
    What asset do you trade?
    When do you trade?

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    Welcome here

    Who knows you'll know more after going through the complete school section. I guess many questions will be answered and of course you can ask here too

    Good trading!

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    Thanks for the replys guys.

    Milos, yep I know they are closed at the weekend. I usually use 20-30 Minute expiry and often up to 1 hour expiry, most of my trading so far has been based on the 5 Minute Charts while obviously looking at other time frames to see any trends or to see if what im looking at matches up with the 5 Minute chart.
    I usually trade currencies, EUR/USD is my main one that im trying to get to grips of at the moment but I trade any of them that I think I see some sort of pattern/trend in, if I think I see an opportunity I will go for it. I also try and trade the major events in the news sometimes.
    I trade during the times the London and New York markets are open but I usually just stick to the rule of making sure that one of the currencies I am trading is open at that time.

    Anyway im only learning and hope to learn more from some of the people here.

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    Hello Who Knows! Welcome to CommuniTraders You will find here a lot of aspired traders and definitely can learn a lot while having fun. Don’t rush too much and learn slowly with demo trading platform we have
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    Hi who knows, its nice to have you here. Wish you success in your trading

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    Welcome aboard my friend.

    Try those pages:
    Strategies -
    Tools -

    Look for the green ones. Read the review and check the forums link.

    Good luck!
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    Welcome here! I hope it will be a successful learning and you will be able to apply the learned stuff when finishing school

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