Poll: Which broker are you trading with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolyo View Post
    Anyoption, but why your Pool is limited to very few brokers?
    hi, Koylo,if you are a newbie and you really wanna make it in trading as long as binary option is concern, then i think you should consider messaging me.. because not quite long did a woman called allen through our help was able to recover her lost money, and make an outstanding profit within 5 working days.. the ball is in your court ny friend,, it all depends on if you can truly let us help you make profit as a trader, thereby,saving lost of time and money.. i advice you make haste,time is money my dear friend.. if Allen can make it, you can too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firman View Post
    freinds ,, what do you think about binary.com ??
    would you like to tell me about this broker ?
    firman, we can tell you more about this broker, and help you make money through this binary option too... many people have made money through our help.. non has made a complaint nor doubted us.. you can actually try us if you have doubt.. but the truth is this.. it took us some years of ups and down.. lost and profit just to master this trade option..it has been working for us, its has been working for others and it will continue working.. i know you have doubts.. well, lets clear your mind of every doubt.. reply me so i can send you a message email so you see what i am talking about. i really hope you don't lose this opportunity though...do reply me.. lets help you make money

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    Quote Originally Posted by botsog View Post
    i trade with stockpair, topoption, binary.com and winneroption. didn't face any problem with the withdrawals so far. other than these brokers i faced problems with withdrawals and trade execution...
    lets help you out botsog.. you can get rid of that minor problem and make more money via binary option my dear friend.. do reply and i have something important that you should know

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    @johnwalton .... u r doing a great job, Bumping the thread. keep it up XD lul
    "He who makes a BEAST of himself, gets rid the pain of being a MAN" S.J

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    I just used recommended brokers from the forum.

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    Yep, this thread is very important! Keep it on top and give your opinion here! Here it is allowed to talk which broker you are using. It won't be taken as promotion and you won't be banned haha. You have my promise
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Hi all. I'm with High Low which is based in Sydney Australia. I'm still using the demo because I still don't know enough about trading and it is mind boggling so can't give any feedback on them yet but I have heard they are pretty good!

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    I use High Low , Core Liquidity and Trade Rush. The first 2 because they are regulated by the Australian Securities Commission who oversee all the banks and other financial businesses in Australia. Trade rush I have been with for nearly 6 years and so far no real dramas. I use to be with Bank De Binary until the Commission told them to stop trading here in Aussie.

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    I like 24options and Ayrex. Decided to try these 2 out after reading your reviews, guys, tnx! So far everything is smooth, but maybe big bad brokers are just not interested in my few bucks LOL

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