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    USD/CHF will cross 1.0000!! !!!

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    The pair and its intraday RSI remain supported by rising trend lines.Supported by a rising trend line with targets 1 and 1.0025 in extension.


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    The pair and its intraday RSI remain supported by rising trend lines. with targets 1.007 and 1.01 in extension.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milos View Post
    The pair and its intraday RSI remain supported by rising trend lines. with targets 1.007 and 1.01 in extension.
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    How are you predicting these trends? With technical analysis? If so, what kind of technical analysis are you using? Please explain. Thanks.

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    Psychology of traders

    The five stages in the development of a trader

    Phase one unaware ignorance

    Average stay at the first stage: 1-2 months
    In the first step, you just observe trading on the binary options trading market. You know, and you have heard that some people are just not there become millionaires. After completion of the course or a couple of books read everything you think clearly. Price ranges or up or down, of any kind whatsoever that may be a secret at all? However, as when you first sit behind the wheel, just does not look quite so simple. Moving. You open a lot of positions on a lot of currency pairs and you are re full of confidence. Price turned against you? Never mind, closing and opening the opposite position. Never trade put and call option at the same time. But as luck price again turned against you and again, then again and again. You begin to suspect that something is wrong with your way of trading. In moments of anger seems to you that the market has something personal against you.

    Phase two conscious ignorance
    Average stay on the second phase: 18-24 months
    Smog forces you to admit to yourself that you do not know to trade and here you are in the second phase. To learn more when they can’t go any other way. You know you have a lot of work.Quotes sorts of articles about binary options on the internet and you are thinking about buying books. Then seek technical indicators and collect as all trading strategies.Neither the one strategy you could not keep enough time to be able to convince whether it works at all and if it fits your psychological profile.In the feverish search for new technical indicators you want to find one technical indicator, one who does not make mistake.Trading tips are supplied by other senior traders make you be unfounded. Commercial signals working with other traders at you strangely not work.Are you sure you know better than them just as your account does not show it. Within this phase even 3-4 times you have lost the entire amount in the account.Now you realize that you are tough financially screwed up. The vast majority will give up at this point considering market fraud. Some will still continue investing more time and effort.

    Phase three enlightenment
    Average retention in the third phase: 1 day
    When you have invested more extra time and money than you ever could in the beginning and assume,appears faint light at the end of the tunnel. You begin to realize that a trading strategy or some indicator isn't the main thing you need.Caricatured,you can successfully trade using the most ordinary moving average indicator.Only if completely control yourself and observe the money management.Now you are beginning to show interest books on the psychology of trading in the market.And finally enlightenment you realize that no one,neither you nor anyone else, however, can’t tell in which direction will. Marketplace leave for 15 minutes or a few days.Now moving only work on one currency pair and a single strategy. You open positions only when your trading system tells about the great chance trades recorded in the money.If the open position shows out of the money don't panic because you know that you aren't wrong.You're satisfied with the fact that your system has the ability to blushes more money than it loses.

    Phase four of conscious knowledge
    Average stay at the fourth stage: 6-8 months.
    Now open position when your system tells you to do. Primate losers positions without stress and with the same ease as well as profits.You no longer lose large sums of money in the market,but the situation is unstable oscillating accounts. One week you lose 3 trades, earn another 10 winning trades. Balanced. Then again lost 5 trades, but don't annoy too. Because you know you'll get them back.Gradually you become aware that you begin to give good advice and concurrence slowly.Appreciation other traders with whom chatting via chat and forums.Slowly but steadily, earning more and more money.

    Phase five unconscious awareness and knowledge
    Now you trade all day, on a subconscious level trade with large trades and have five winning trades every day.And this is normal.Excellent command of his emotions and merchant accounts that you are growing fast.You became a star at trader chat room on the forum.Everyone wants to hear your opinion. They ask you. In their issues you recognize yourself than before only three years.You advise them, but in fact know very well that your advice can’t reach them. They are for your advices aren't yet ready.At this stage,trading in general doesn't excite you, he job has become a bit boring.

    The only thing now you can say that you're a real trader.

    What phase do you belong it?


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    Great presentation, Milos! Actually Maybe stage 5 but definitely not yet stage 6 but this is the goal right?
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Thanks Kolyo. As I told you I'm still learning. Work in progress. Binary options are big science for me.

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