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    Analyssing an asset !!!

    Hi you guys.

    I Got a question for you more experienced traders.

    When you analyse an asset, How long you go back in time?
    6,12,18 or 24 Month? For a day Trade i know you don' get Munch use from what happend in 1998 , but the past movement can show what might Will happend in the next month or to.. So How long do you go back?

    I've startet analysens a fem assets and have gone back 18-24 months and counted the langt of uptrends, downtrends, lokked at the average raise or Fall in these periodes an so on..

    What do you guys do?

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    it depends on which charts you are analyzing.
    I usually look at all the charts even the monthly chart
    even though I only take 10 minute trades.

    Drawing an S/R line on the monthly chart connecting a few tops or lows
    could mean having to go back as far as 10 years or so...
    Just depends on where the tops/bottoms are, how far back and how many you need
    to confirm your lines. The more tops/bottoms the stronger the lines will be.
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    S/R lines i always Draw on my chartes along with a trend line.
    lately i've startet using a SMMA 20 on a 2 H chart along with RSI and MCD. they seems to give very clearsignals most of the time when used together. this strategi is not complete yet, but i hope to finish it tommorow and start testing it i the upcomming week on 4 H trdes and daytrades.

    right now i got 7 open trades (5 week and 2 month) on my CT account testing another strategy for week and month trades (5/7 in the Money right now)

    what else from your experience is worth looking at inthe past then what i allready named in the first post?

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    You are on the right path Dane. Looking back to historical charts is the best way to learn how a particular asset behave in different conditions. You don’t really need to go back to 1998 of course but 2-3 years of history is worth analyzing more in depth. If you are interested in some major black swan events like market crashes or big bull cycles you can examine weekly charts as far as you have data – 10 or more years, but this is only for your perspective on the asset and where in the cycle we are now. You don’t have to read bar by bar all that data just last 24 months is fine
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    I just look at the trend and where there is strong support or resistance
    based on how well the candles have bounced from those levels and how many
    times each level held as support/resistance. Then I might adjust it on the lower
    time frames when price gets near my lines. I confirm the lines with Stochastic,
    trend analysis and timing is important too for some assets. Sometimes I also use EMA 200
    if it happens to be intercepting my S/R lines then the signal is stronger in convergence
    with Stochastics.
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    Well, I always, at some point or another, always look at the entire data series for all my assets. I look at it with daily, weekly and monthly candlesticks because you never know what you are going to see. I don't do a lot of actual trading from these charts but they are handy for seeing support/resistance, continuation,long term momentum, possible reversals etc etc etc. .....

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    thaanks.. your input has ben very helpfull
    my strategy for 2H/4H/day trades are nok ready for Beta testing i tested it today on the charts (looking back on them) found where i (think) i would enter a trade with the giving signals. i found 20 entry points and 16 of them ended in the Money.. i know it's not relaible results, but i think it might Work.. will test it in the NeXT few weeks.
    thanks Again for the input.

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    Glad we could help!
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