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    dollars 1 Binary signals from Sage Binary Signals !!!

    Good evening.
    Our client wrote us, that he created a topic on this forum, but for some reasons he can't develop it. I'm one of the managers of the project, and I can answer on all your questions. Based on the messages in last theme, I want to explain the issues that were discussed there.
    1. If you think that a site is a decisive aspect for the selection signals for binary options, I can show you a huge amount of fraudulent projects on the Internet, which have excellent website and interface. With regard to our site, it is very complex and it's under construction!
    2. Now let's talk about free signals. What sense to give free signals with a high percentage of profitability? Logically, no sense in it. If you are looking for 90% of the accuracy of deals and higher, it's also impossible, based on my experience I can say that whatever strategy wasn't a good one, it on certain days gives drawdown.
    3. If you think that quality signals can be purchased for $ 30-40 per month, then you are deeply mistaken. Cause no self-respecting trader wouldn't do it.
    4. Why do we sell signals, but not trade for them ?! Our entire team also trades on these signals. The meaning of their sales is to help people start earning, to be more successful traders who are ready to share their experiences. Also, for us it's a passive income.
    5. If you have any questions about the project directly, you can ask them either here or by writing to us at email, which is published on our website.
    Kind regards,
    Sage Binary Signal.
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    Hello dear,
    please start by respecting our forum rules:

    You have posted business related stuff in the wrong room.

    Also, you need to prove yourself to the community. Trust and respect is earned.
    A fancy website and saying you are good is not enough so you are right about
    your website not representing you.
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    Good afternoon.
    I respect the forum rules. But for some reasons, I can't write in that room. I just don't have a window for messages. In this regard, I asked the administrator not to move the theme,in order to I can respond to your questions here.
    As for the trust, we proposed the administrator a week to work with us for free. Now we expect an answer from him.
    Kind regards,
    Sage Binary Signals.

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    Hi SBS Manager!

    I am moving now your thread to Intro Business Room so you don’t have to worry about the place of your trade. You can explain here in more details what you are offering. Thank you for the offer to join one week for free to your signals, but my concerns are as follow – I don’t think that one week is enough to evaluate a signal service and propose you to join CommuniTraders Platform and broadcast your signals for at least two weeks there. If successful this experience will give great credentials to your abilities and will allow you to reach more customers than you previously expect. So consider this idea seriously and hope we will see you placing your signals here
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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