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    Capitan's trade results with Legendary signals from signal push !!!

    Hello, I had a thread going over at BOD but they died so I'm here now!
    Just some a quick background, I have traded for myself on and off for about two years now but always end up with a signal provider. I have used The One, Cherry Coke (yes I know...), and Iced Candles. Always growing my account and then lose it when the provider goes south.
    This time I watched Legendary's performance for two months and then decided to take the plunge. I'm sorry I don't have earlier screen shots(I have a BOD link I can link over if they ever come back online) but I will be updating this post.
    I started out with a deposit of $499.00


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    Sorry I dont have a starting balance picture for Monday but here are the trades:

    He did 8 winning trades 2 where Martingale wins, and 1 losing trade.
    I took the $100.00 winning trade and $50.00, $100.00 loosing trades myself.


    He did 8 winning trades 6 where Martingale wins, and 3 losing trades.
    I did not take any trades on my own.


    He did 3 winning trades 2 where Martingale wins, and 1 losing martingale trade.
    however due to slippage I lucked out and won the trade he lost.

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    Hello Capitan, welcome aboard!

    How do you like MarketsWorld? Have never used this broker before

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    Looks like a lot of Martin Gales to me, be careful.
    Bad thing is that you are not learning anything from the signals...

    At least share your analysis on your own trades so we can help you out so
    maybe you'll learn something that way! Good Luck
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    Hi Capitan!
    I can see you've been using 2-10 minutes time frame expiry.Nice trading. Welcome mate!

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    Hi Capitan182,

    Very nice trades! Looks you have nice experience or good luck, but I bet you are a good trader I hope you will like our community and will participate regularly.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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