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    sad1 If Stephen Colbert ran for President of the United States, would you vote for him? !!!

    I realize that many of you (hopefully) don't vote before you've had a chance to decide upon the platforms of a candidate, but I'm asking you to make some assumptions here. I don't know what political party with whom he would run, but let's say Independent (for simplicity's sake).
    Also, I know his TV persona is just that; a persona. He's a different person in real life, and more importantly, his persona on the Colbert Report is a satire. Take all of that into your decision.
    Edit: Wow this is blowing up fast. Funny thing is I considered deleting the post immediately after making it cause I thought I'd get downvoted a lot for a stupid question. Apparently we're torn on this issue.

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    probably....who else is running?

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    Problem is, once a candidate gets in office, even with the very best of intentions, the "old guard" will smother his policies and intentions.

    The US system needs a major overhaul imo, specifically, I believe ALL political positions should have term limits just like the presidency...get rid of the career politicians, bring in fresh ideas that aren't tainted by decades of lobbyist's money.

    will it ever happen, doubtful in my lifetime, but still...

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