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    haloween Gold Eases Following Strong U.S. Economic Data !!!

    Gold started Monday lower as a series of strong U.S. economic data eased fears of a slowdown in the global economy, dimming its safe-haven appeal while supporting equities and the U.S. dollar. Although Spot gold slipped $1 to $1,236.60 an ounce for a third straight session, it had gained nearly 4% in the last two weeks, hitting a one month high of $1,249.30 on Wednesday. Global equities also appear to have recovered from last week’s sell-off with strong gains recorded later in the week, putting downward pressure on precious metals.

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    You are right gold is still under pressure of moving lower. I don’t think this mood will be reversed till the end of the year. For now I will wait and not taking more Calls as they seems unproductive yet.
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    good analysis, YO, this is the link to the gold and silver discussion we have going on over in the war room. come join us!


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