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    EUR/USD breaking south !!!

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    Pair is quite stable lately, seems like we've another break down

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    usd, eur and jpy pairs are goig to be tough over the next two weeks. WE have a triple dose of central banks meeting over the 16,17 and 18...fomc 16-17, and then ecb and boj on the 17-18, fundamentals will be shifted...fomc will talk about outlook on raising rates and unwinding qe while ECB and BOJ will talk about increasing QE....lots to think about.

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    The pair has validated a continuation triangle and remains on the downside.EUR/USD is rebounding and is approaching its resistance. Entry points above 1.23 for put option. If breaks 1.23 it can be expected call option. Timing for entry points wasn't good. It is needed to wait to open New York.

    At 1 hourly chart the price was rejected from lower Bollinger Bands and continued to rise.Your idea was right.Price was broken lower Bollinger Bands and it should continue to drop.But it didn't. As I told you it is needed to wait. I didn't want to trade EUR/USD today.That's my opinion.

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