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    trading diary by the Dane !!!

    from the top:

    brand new in the game.
    i'm trying to create a strategy that Works with binary options with a exp. time from 1 houer to 1 week.
    i'm starting with the basics, trend line, bollinger bands and japanese candelsticks. evry input you might have is more than welcome

    todays trades: (cant uploadethemas a Picture??)
    Asset: Call/put entry Price: expiry:

    EUR/GBP: put 0,79399 Dec. 01 14:00 RIGHT

    GBP/USD Call 1.57029 Dec. 01 14:00 RIGHT

    USD/JPY Put 118.277 Dec. 01 14:00 WRONG

    AUD/USD Call 0.84914 Dec. 01 14:00 WRONG

    50%... not tobad a start.. making new trades later today.
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    Well done, It's great that you started a diary here!
    It will be helpful I'm sure.

    To add pictures you have to press "insert image" and then choose
    "from computer" then "Select file".

    Click image for larger version. 

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    But before you insert pictures please read this:

    I have some advice on how to take better pictures and what to include in them! Let me know if you have further

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    It's always good to start with a base in the fundamentals....what is currently driving each of the pairs you are following, then apply that to your technical analysis.

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    i made 3 more trades today that expires at 17:00 London time. only got 1 of them right the other two was in the Money until 2 minuts before closing time! haha that's the game.

    i gave 2 minute trades a shot today to.. that worked pretty well for me.i now have a succes rate of 66.6% 14 in the Money and only 7 out of the Money.
    i only tradede 10-50usd in the 2 minute trades but ended with +175 usd not bad i think.

    the longer trades i lost about 750 usd (fun Money).. that sure gives me something to Work with.

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    3 trades made this morning before Work. 2 in the Money

    just got home and made 3more trades with an exp time in 1 houer...
    all 3 in the Money

    5/6 in the Money today... not bad for an amature
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    a perfect day! wedensday!

    3 trades made and all 3 in the Money GBP/USD, USD/JPY and AUD/USD

    today i made 6 trades that all ends in 5 Hours and 40 minuts.
    the trades are as follows:

    Call onthe following trades:

    Eur/GBP entry Price at 0,78468- in the money
    USD/JPY entry Price at 119,942- lost
    Appel entry Price at 116,825 - lost
    Ea (Electronic arts) entry Price at 46,215 - in the money

    Put trades on following:
    GBP/USD entry Price at 1,56818- in the money
    Google entry Price at 530,115 - lost
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    today i got 3 day trades all put:

    usd/jpy entry Price 120,086- LOST
    Aud/Usd entry Price 0,83743 - IN THE MONEY
    Euro/Usd entry Price 1,23759 - N THE MONEY

    i alo got 5 end of week trades that ends today:

    Call trades:
    Dax future entry Price 9932,750- IN THE MONEY
    S&P future entry Price 2061,375 - IN THE MONEY
    nasdaq100 future entryprice 4308,375- IN THE MONEY
    Eur/GBP entry Price 0,78466 - IN THE MONEY

    put trades:
    NZD/USD entry Price 0,77749
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    weekly total: (from when i changed broker ad made day tardes possible)

    trades made: 17

    trades lost: 5

    Traes in the Money: 12

    a pretty good stat i guess.

    strategy used this week was japanese candelsticks, trend line and bollinger bands.

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    Sounds good, would be nice to see a few pictures of your charts and analysis
    Keep us updated!

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    Sure.. I allready postet 2 in the beginners sektion. Will post more in the following days.

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