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    sad3 Hi CommuniTraders !!!

    Hello everybody. I'm new to the binary trading scene( after numerous get rich quick pop ups I decided to check this thing out).
    I've done the trading preschool, and I've just found this site 'The Binary Lab' run by a gent by the name of Julian Wong.
    Has anyone been involved in this? I see that to sign up you have to create and deposit into one of four brokers
    -Big Option
    -Titan Trade
    -Zoom Trade

    Any feed back? Anyone done this program before?


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    Hello and welcome!
    Don't know about it but I wouldn't get my hopes high.
    The brokers you mentioned; GOptions is not approved by Bots.
    See the review here: GOption Review
    The others I don't know very well, I would rather deposit with a more known, trusted and regulated broker.
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    Thanks Okane.

    There are so many brokers it's hard to pick one.
    I've got a demo account with CToption, their live chat, is really good, and the no-deposit demo account is a great feature.

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